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Perfect Digital Photography and Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook

Digital Filmmaking for Teens
You'll cover each step-from developing your idea and writing a script to planning for production, shooting, and editing. "Digital Filmmaking for Teens" includes an amazing DVD packed with advice, instructional videos, and examples.

Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar
The book offers radar engineers expert guidance on the design of LPI emitter and intercept receivers and the development of digital signal processing techniques for detecting and classifying LPI modulations.

Perfect Digital Photography
Brilliant Pixels from the Digital Darkroom
The book is the perfect combination of a technical treatise on digital imaging and an artistic exploration of light, composition, and form, allowing you to glean the essential techniques needed for digital photography without losing sight of the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the craft.

Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook
It features all-new chapters on smart antennas, MIMO systems, and antennas for recently deployed mobile systems such as RFID, UWB, and terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, and provides a wealth of problem-solving guidance for tackling everything from propagation obstacles to SAR safety issues.

Model And Design Of Bipolar And Mos Current-mode Logic
Allows the reader not only to understand the operating principle and the features of bipolar and MOS Current-Mode digital circuits, but also to designoptimized digital gates. And, although the material is presented in a formal and theoretical manner, much emphasis is devoted to a design perspective.

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