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Mobile Satellite Communication Networks and Broadcast Engineer's Reference BookFree ebooks

Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications
Is a broad area, owing in part to the underlying convergence of information theory, communications and signal processing research that brought it to fruition.

Resource Allocation in Hierarchical Cellular Systems
Universal Mobile Telecommunications systems formed of Hierarchical Cellular structures.

Network Service Investment Guide

Maximizing ROI in Uncertain Times
It explores communications technology and suggests how investors, managers, service providers, and consultants can make better decisions about technology.

Compressed Video Communications
This book provides realistic solutions to the problems of quality degradation and transmission error.

Mobile Satellite Communication Networks
Has provided a new dimension to the mobile satellite communications industry. The introduction of S-PCS comes at a time when the global mobile market is experiencing phenomenal growth.

High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications
The text also discusses the impact of HSDPA and HSUPA on network dimensioning, covers applications and end-to-end performance in detail, and includes a section on radio frequency requirements and terminal design considerations.

Satellite Technology
Principles and Applications
Giving an introduction to the fundamental topics such as orbits and trajectories, launch and in-orbit operations before going on to describe satellite hardware, communication techniques, multiple access techniques and link design. Topics range from the history and evolution of satellites, and the laws governing motion of artificial satellites around earth, to multiplexing techniques, satellite subsystems and link design fundamentals.

Data Communications Networking Devices
Operation, Utilization and Lan and Wan Internetworking, 4th Edition This fourth edition of the popular and authoritative text Data Communications Networking Devices examines the characteristics, operation and applications of the devices used to construct a data communications network.

Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book
Written with a minimum of maths, the book provides detailed coverage and quick access to key technologies, standards and practices. This global work will become your number one resource whether you are from an audio, video, communications or computing background. Composed for the industry professional.

Mobile Telecommunications Protocols for Data Networks
This connectivity has to be provided by various different networks and protocols which guarantee that mobile networks function efficiently, performing routing and handoff for mobile users.

Network-on-Chip Architectures
A Holistic Design Exploration
Despite the lightweight character demanded of the NoC components, modern designs require ultra-low communication latencies in order to cope with inflating data bandwidths. The work presented in Network-on-Chip Architectures addresses these issues through a comprehensive exploration of the design space.

Service Provision: Technologies for Next Generation Communications
This is the first to bring the two together and provide a single reference source for information that is currently only to be found in disparate journals, tool specifications and standards documents.
In order to provide such broad coverage of the topic in a structured and logical fashion, the book is divided into 3 parts.

Telecosmos: The Next Great Telecom Revolution
The last great telecommunications revolution brought us fiber optics, mobile phones, videoconferencing, and a host of other innovations that improved life and business and connected individuals in ways never imagined.

Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunications Networks
The book concentrates on various call models used in telecommunications such as quality of service in packet-switched Internet Protocol networks, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, and Time Division Multiplexing.

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