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Latest 8 Digital Ebooks Collection

Quick Snap Guide to Digital Photography

Gives you a concise introduction that covers not only the most important features of your digital camera, but also explains their function and purpose, detailing how to use them and, more importantly, why. Each topic is covered in two- or four-page spreads with plenty of illustrations that make it easy to see how to apply the techniques described.

High-Level Synthesis
From Algorithm to Digital Circuit" should be on each designer's and CAD developer's shelf, as well as on those of project managers who will soon embrace high level design and synthesis for all aspects of digital system design.

Industrial Control Technology
A Handbook for Engineers and Researchers
It covers working at the device and machine level as well as the wider environments of plant and enterprise. It includes information on sensors and actuators; computer hardware; system interfaces; digital controllers that perform programs and protocols; the embedded applications software; data communications in distributed control systems; and the system routines that make control systems more user-friendly and safe to operate.

Television Goes Digital
The ability to capture a viewer's interactions changes the advertising proposition. Telephone and wireless companies are challenging the traditional mass media providers - broadcasters, cable and satellite companies - and they're all finding ways to deliver TV programming, video content and Internet offerings to large and small screens in the home and on the go.

Multi-carrier Digital Communications
Theory And Applications Of OFDM
The chapter on local area networks has been greatly expanded to include the latest technology and applications. Three totally new chapters are added, on OFDM multiple access technology, on ultra wideband technology, and on WiMAX.

Precoding and Signal Shaping for Digital Transmission
Illustrates theory with examples from wireline and wireless communications.

Mastering Digital Television
The Complete Guide to the DTV Conversion
Explains the ATSC and SMPTE standards and FCC regulations driving DTV implementation, Provides solutions for tweaking technical parameters that drive DTV system performance

Digital Data Integrity
The Evolution from Passive Protection to Active Management
Digital Data Integrity throws light on the data integrity landscape of the future. It provides the reader with a brief overview of the historical methods and subsequent evolution of data protection.

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