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Fundamentals of Fire Protection for the Safety Professional, Metal Machining and Machine Tools

Essential Image Processing and GIS for Remote Sensing
The book is clearly divided into three parts, with the first part introducing essential image processing techniques for remote sensing. The second part looks at GIS and begins with an overview of the concepts, structures and mechanisms by which GIS operates.

Fundamentals of Metal Machining and Machine Tools

Foundations of Antenna Theory and Techniques
It is a well-paced, low level introduction to the subject that does not require previous knowledge of electromagnetic theory. In addition, the step by step approach to maths is ideal for those who do not have a good mathematical background.

Fundamentals of Fire Protection for the Safety Professional
Readers will learn how to develop emergency action plans and fire prevention plans, implement effective alarm and detection systems and fire extinguishment systems, and develop a comprehensive fire program management plan that is in compliance with Federal Emergency Management Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and National Fire Protection Association standards.

High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry
Along with the growth of RF and microwave technology applications, there is a mounting concern about the possible adverse effects over human health from electromagnetic radiation.

Housing Design Quality
Through Policy, Guidance and Review
The author focuses on how the various policy instruments available to public authorities can be used in a positive manner to deliver higher quality residential developments.

HVAC Troubleshooting Guide
Shows you how to read, interpret, and prepare schedules, mechanical plans, and electrical schematics. This handy resource will aid you in your everyday tasks and keep you up to date with the latest facts, figures, and devices.

H.264 and MPEG-4 Video Compression
Video Coding for Next Generation Multimedia
Advanced Video Coding' standard promises impressive compression performance and is gaining support from developers and manufacturers.

Heat and Mass Transfer
A Practical Approach
This text covers the standard topics of heat transfer with an emphasis on physics and real-world every day applications, while de-emphasizing the intimidating heavymathematical aspects. This approach is designed to take advantage of students' intuition, making the learning process easier and more engaging.

Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots
Autonomous Robots explores how to produce an artificial conscience in a new class of robots, humane-oids, which are robots that can potentially perform more ethically than humans in the battlefield.


garage equipment said...

If you are working on the service panel or a circuit, be sure to place a warning label on the face of the panel. This will warn someone not to turn on the circuit that you are working on. There’s nothing worse than turning off the power, checking that it’s off and starting to work on the circuit, only to have someone come behind you and turn the circuit back on.

Harriet said...

I've gotten a few zaps in my time, at the moment I just stick to a battery powered smoke alarm, an extinguisher and a fire blanket it keeps a relative peace of mind. Stay safe guys!

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