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Telemetry Systems Engineering

Learn how to design the transmitting and receiving system with respect to filter bandwidth specifications, and analyze the link which will be used to test the vehicle and basically evaluate the system from end to end, predicting the bit error rate. Brand new chapters on range telemetry, industrial telemetry, and commercial security have been added.

Three-Dimensional Television
key technologies from computing to graphics, imaging to display, and signal processing to communications. The scope of this book reflects this diversity: different chapters deal with different stages of an end-to-end 3DTV system such as capture, representation, coding, transmission, and display. Both autostereoscopic techniques which eliminate the need for special glasses and allow viewer movement

The Fuzzy Systems Handbook
A Practitioner's Guide to Building, Using, and Maintaining Fuzzy Systems
This book leads the reader through the complete process of designing, constructing, implementing, verifying and maintaining a platform-independent fuzzy system model. It is written in a tutorial style that assumes no background in fuzzy logic on the reader's part. The enclosed disk contains all of the book's examples in C++ code.

Turbopumps and Pumping Systems
The authors have worked for many years teaching the subject, conducting research, and implementing pump and pump station designs in different academic institutions, industrial sectors, and consulting firms. Based on this extensive background, the material of the book is arranged to cover the most important topics, from basic theories to practical applications.

The Printing Press
Transforming Power of Technology
The mechanical systems involved were first assembled in Germany by the goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg around 1440, based on existing screw-presses used to press cloth, grapes, etc.

Topics in Acoustic Echo and Noise Control
This book is organized in five parts: Part I gives a short introduction to acoustic echo and noise control. Part II deals with multi-microphone processing. In Part III, advanced methods for both linear and nonlinear echo cancellation are presented, and techniques for intelligent control of hands-free telephones are introduced. Part IV is devoted to noise reduction procedures.

The ARRL Handbook 2005
For Radio Communications

Quality of Service Control in High-Speed Networks
This book covers the implementation of QoS techniques from an engineering point of view. Readers will find practical, up-to-date coverage of all key QoS technologies, real-worldengineering examples illustrating theoretical results.

Quantum Circuit Simulation
The authors describe key simulation techniques that have so far been scattered throughout the research literature in physics, computer science, and computer engineering.

Ultra Low-Power Biomedical Signal Processing
In ultra low-power applications such as biomedical implantable devices, it is not suitable to implement the WT by means of digital circuitry due to the relatively high power consumption associated with the required A/D converter. Low-power analog realization of the wavelet transform enables its application.

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