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Free Radar Detection Molecular Electronics Materials Machinery’s Handbook

Knowledge Based Radar Detection, Tracking and Classification
Including civilian, military, and homeland defense applications. Throughout the book, the authors offer examples of how KBS works and how it can dramatically improve radar performance and capability.

Knowledge Engineering: Practice and Patterns
The 17 revised full papers and 15 revised short papers presented together with 3 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 102 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on knowledge patterns and knowledge representation.

Localization Algorithms and Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks
Encompasses the significant and fast growing area of wireless localization techniques. This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of topics and fundamental theories underpinning measurement techniques and localization algorithms.

Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications
The simple yet ambitious objective of Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications is to give the reader the necessary information to understand the challenges and opportunities of this recent field of research.

Machinery’s Handbook Guide 27th Edition
Allows you to quickly become more thoroughly familiar with the vast range of contents found in the Handbook.

Mechatronics for the Evil Genius

25 Build-it-Yourself Projects
You will build your own mechanical race car, combat robot, ionic motor, mechatronic head, light beam remote control, and 20 other entertaining learning projects that take you to the heart of mechatronics. More than just hours of entertainment, these stimulating projects provide a solid grounding in mechatronics, the discipline at the core of robotics where electronics, mechanics, and other sciences merge.Each experiment builds on those before it so you develop a hands-on, practical understanding of mechatronics.

Model-Based Control

Bridging Rigorous Theory and Advanced Technology

Multidimensional Systems
Signal Processing and Modeling Techniques
This book will be a useful reference to control engineers and researchers. The papers contained cover well the recent advances in the field of modern control theory.

Mobile Web Development

This book is a complete, practical guide to writing mobile websites and applications. You will learn how to create mobile-friendly websites, adapt your content to the capabilities of different devices, save bandwidth with compression, and create server-side logic that integrates with a mobile front end.

New Directions in Wireless Communications Research
This book is an invaluable reference for those studying and practicing in the field of wireless communications. The book provides the most recent information on topics of current interest to the research community including topics such as sensor networks, coding for networks, cognitive networks and many more.

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