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Electrical Calculations Handbook and Engineering with Digital Video and Signal Free Download

Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding

Signal Processing and Communications. First, it introduces the fundamental theory, concepts, principles, and techniques underlying the field, such as the basics of compression, HVS modeling, and coding artifacts associated with current well-known techniques. The next section focuses on picture quality assessment criteria; subjective and objective methods and metrics, including vision model based digital video impairment metrics; testing procedures; and international standards regarding image quality. Finally, practical applications come into focus, including digital image and video coder designs based on the HVS as well as post-filtering, restoration, error correction, and concealment techniques.

Digital Signal Processing
A Computer-Based Approach. The lab book includes 11 laboratory exercises, with each exercise containing a number of projects to be carried out on a computer. The book assumes that the reader has no background in MATLAB and teaches the reader, through tested programs in the first half of the book.

Digital Medicine
Health Care in the Internet Era. Yet despite this growth in activity, the promise of e-health remains largely unfulfilled. "Digital Medicine" investigates the factors limiting the ability of digital technology to remake health care in the United States and around the world. What political, social, and ethical challenges are presented by online health care? How are racial, ethnic, and other disparities limiting the e-health revolution?

Digital Terrain Modeling. Principles and Methodology
The computer has been introduced into this area and the modeling of terrain surface has since then been carried out numerically or digitally, leading to the current discipline— digital terrain modeling.

Engineering Applications of Neural Networks
The following diverse topics were discussed: reducing urban concentration, entropy topography in epileptic electroencephalography, phytoplanktonic speciesrecognition.

EC&M's Electrical Calculations Handbook
This McGraw-Hill Portable Handbook gives them a handy, one-stop resource for finding the calculations they need to increase profits, solve technical problems, and be NEC compliant.

Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems
It will also be a reference text for practicing engineers who might understand the basic principles of active materials but have an interest in learning more about specific applications.

Engineering Noise Control: Theory and Practice
This book should be of interest to intermediate and advanced undergraduate mechanical engineering sudents.

Electrical Inspection Notes
To-do checklists, charts and tables with at-a-glance calculations, who’s-responsible-for-what info, and diagrams that clearly illustrate complicated information make it fast and easy for busy building professionals to do their jobs thoroughly and efficiently, and avoid costly mistakes. The books help building pros establish and meet inspection guidelines, and provide clients with schedules and specifications.

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