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Digital Visual Culture
Theory and Practice. Digital artefacts manifest these two problems of reproduction and access to an even greater extent. A digital artefact, by conventional standards, is even less authentic and original than a mechanically-reproduced one; a true simulation, a mathematical model of the real. Furthermore, not only is the digital artefact accessible by the masses, it is very often interactive, i.e.

Solar Energy Engineering
Processes and Systems, The range of solar cells spans different materials and different structures in the quest to extract maximum power from the device while keeping the cost to a minimum. Devices with efficiency exceeding 30% have been demonstrated in the laboratory. Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems.The book includes subjects such as energy related environmental problems, solar collectors, solar water heating, solar space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, solar desalination, photovoltaics, solar thermal power systems and modelling of solar systems including the use of artificial intelligence systems in solar energy systems modelling and performance prediction.

PSpice for Digital Signal Processing
In chapter 1 we examine the sampled signal and introduce the concept of digital frequency and examineDSP signals such as the unit step and unit impulse. The hierarchicalmethod of drawing
schematics is demonstrated using two types of delay unit used throughout the book. In chapter 2 we see how to express simple digital filters using difference equations (DE), and by means of
the z-transform, convert the DE to a transfer function.We examine time-invariant systems for a range of filter types: low-pass, high-pass and bandpass.Lastly, we look at some musical applications forDSP such as reverberation/ echo using real-world signals imported into PSpice using the program Wav2Ascii. The zero-forcing equalizer is dealt with in a simplistic manner to show how the received signal
is equalized.

Model and Design of Bipolar and MOS Current-Mode Logic
CML, ECL and SCL Digital Circuits, includes bipolar Current-Mode digital circuits, which emerged as an approach to realize digital circuits with the highest speed, and CMOS Current-Mode digital circuits, which together with its speed performance has been rediscovered to allow logic gates implementations having the feature of low noise level generation.

Engineering Digital Design
An understanding of the intricacies of digital circuit design, particularly in the area of sequential machines, is given the highest priority -- the emphasis is on error-free operation. From an engineering point of view, the design of a digital device or machine is of little or no value unless it performs the intended operation correctly and reliably.

Digital electronics is one of the fundamental courses found in all electrical engineering and most science programs. The great variety of LabVIEW Boolean and numeric controls/indicators, together with the wealth of programming structures and functions, make LabVIEW an excellent tool to visualize and demonstrate many of the fundamental concepts of digital electronics.The second set of six labs cover advanced topics such as DACs, ADCs, seven-segment displays, serial communication, and the CPU. These are best done in the context of a digital electronics lab, comparing the LabVIEW simulations with real integrated circuits.

Advanced Wireless Networks, 2nd Edition
Provide further increase in network efficiency, the book explores and addresses issues in wireless internet, mobile cellular and WLAN, as well as sensor, ad hoc, bio-inspired, active and cognitive networks. It examines the problem of cross-layer optimisation and network information theory as well as adaptability and reconfigurability in wireless networks.

Multirate Digital Signal Processing

Dawn of the Electronics Age
Providing a much-needed comprehensive overview of electrical and electronics history, Dawn of the Electric Age takes an international perspective within a chronological framework. The book explains how our engineering knowledge and its main applications developed in their scientific, economic, and social contexts.

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