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Service Robot Applications Theory, Design, and Simulation Free ebooks

An Integrated Approach
Safety, Reliability and Risk Management

Service Robot Applications
Service robotics is among the most promising technology dedicated to supporting the elderly since many countries are now facing aging populations coinciding with a decrease in the amount of the young working population. Service robots assist human beings, generally by performing dirty or tedious work, such as household chores. Service robots, in some cases, may replace human caretakers in their ability to care for elderly people.

Theory, Design, and Simulation
Delta-Sigma Data Converters: With this style of book, there is always a tendency for the authors to overlap but VSLI integrated circuit design, and knowledge of consumer and communication applications. We did not feel qualified by ourselves to write about all of these. After all the field of delta sigma modulation encompasses many diverse disciplines systems and control theory, digital and analog signal processing.

Filtering Theory

A Linear Systems Primer
Panos J. Antsaklis, Anthony N. Michel

Vibration Monitoring, Testing, and Instrumentation
Clarence W. de Silva

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