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Superconductivity and Localization

A necessary generalization of usual theory of dirty supersconductors is formulated which allows to analyze anomalies of the main superconducting properties close to disorder induced metal insulator transition. Under very rigid conditions superconductivity may persist even in the localized phase.

Second-Generation HTS Conductors
There is little question that superconducting technology based on the Next-Generation HTS Superconducting Wires will make a substantial impact on the way we generate, transmit, distribute and use electric power. Of course the question is—how soon? The chapters contained in this book pertain to various aspects of these second-generation conductors and address
questions such as scale-up issues. The book is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the three methods to fabricate biaxially textured substrates, upon which, epitaxial YBCO or other HTS materials can be deposited to realize a single-crystal-like HTS wire.

Charged Semiconductor Defects
This book represents the first comprehensive account of the behavior of electrically charged defects in semiconductors. A comprehensive understanding of such behavior enables “defect
engineering,” whereby material performance can be improved by controlling bulk and surface defect behavior. Applications are important and diverse, including fabrication of microelectronic devices, energy production from solar power, catalysis for producing chemical products, photocatalysis for environmental remediation,
and solid-state sensors. Structure, Thermodynamics and Diffusion

Concise Encyclopedia of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

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