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Dictionary for Engineers and Scientists and Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists

Firstly, mathematical definitions are not easily located; when I need insight on a technical term, I turn to the analytic index of a monograph that seems related; recently I was at a loss when trying to find formulas a term used by an Eastern-European student in his homework. I finally located it in the Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Mathematics, and that brought home the value of a collection of esoteric terms, put together by many people acquainted with different sectors of the literature. Secondly, at this time we do not yet have a tradition of cross-disciplinary terms; in fact, much interaction between mathematics and other scientific areas is in the making, and times (and timing) could not be more exciting.

Advanced Reservoir Engineering, First Edition
The book is arranged so that it can be used as a textbook for senior and graduate students or as a reference book for practicing engineers.The primary focus of this book is to present the basic
physics of reservoir engineering using the simplest and most straightforward of mathematical techniques. It is only through having a complete understanding of physics of reservoir engineering that the engineer can hope to solve complex reservoir problems in a practical manner.

Hybrid Dynamical Systems
The book is intended both for researchers and advanced postgraduate students working in the areas of control engineering, theoretical computer science, or applied mathematics and with an interest in the emerging field of hybrid dynamical systems. The book assumes competence in the basic mathematical techniques of IDodern control theory. Controller and sensor switching problems

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