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Ebooks Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, Digital Media, Electric Circuits, 7th Edtion

The Business of Streaming and Digital Media

This book is essential for anyone who must understand the business implications of digital media technologies. Beginners to digital media will gain an understanding of the basics of the underlying technology and the perspective required to build a digital media business from the ground up. Industry veterans will recognize some of the lessons presented, and will gain an understanding of a business methodology to improve their current efforts. The Business of Steaming and Digital Media gives you a concise and direct analysis of how to implement a scalable, profitable venture, as well as the common and hidden pitfalls to avoid in your business. Readers of this book will get the benefit of both sides of the story and hard facts and figures to back it up. Disney and AOL Time Warner need to create profitable businesses for their media assets, but they should also consider how webcasting, managed delivery, and streaming can trim their corporate communication expenses. Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble should consider IP broadcasting and a distributed caching infrastructure to lower the bottom-line impact of their weekly CEO addresses and sales force training, but they should also look to see how audio and video content can help them sell more cars and diapers.

Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices, 2nd Edition
Solutions Manual to accompany, with electronics problems with its solutions.Kinetic Molecular Theory, Vacuum deposition, Thermal expansion.

Design, Construction and Operating Principles of Electromagnets
For Attracting Copper, Aluminum and Other Non-Ferrous Metals, magnetism is one of the most interesting and mysterious as well as one of the most important physical phenomena known. Through its action we generate and utilize the enormous quantities of electrical power which make possible modern industry.

Electric Circuits, 7th Edtion

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