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Electrical Power Systems Basic and Nonelectrical ebooks

Electrical Power Systems Technology, 3rd Edition
This book deals with many important aspects of electrical power, not just with one or two areas. In this way, it will give the reader a better understanding of the total electrical power system from the production of electricity to its conversion to other forms of energy. Each unit deals with a specific system, such as production, distribution, control, conversion, or measurement. This book is recommended as a textbook for an electrical power or electrical generators and motors course. It would be a suitable text for vocational-technical schools, community colleges, universities, and, possibly, some technical high school programs. Provides a broad overview of the production, distribution, control, conversion, and measurement of electrical power. The presentation method used in this book will allow the reader to develop an understanding of electrical power systems. The units of the book are organized in a systematic manner, beginning with electrical power production methods. The fundamentals of each major unit of the book are discussed at the beginning of the unit.

Electric Power System Basics for the Nonelectrical Professional
This book starts with terminology and basic electrical concepts used in the industry, then progresses through generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power. The reader is exposed to all the important aspects of an interconnected power system. Other topics discussed include energy management, conservation of electrical energy, consumption characteristics,
and regulatory aspects to help readers understand modern electric power systems in order to effectively communicate with seasoned engineers, equipment manufacturers, field personnel, regulatory officials, lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, and others working in the electrical industry.
Provides a brief yet informative discussion of the history that led to the power systems we know today. Then a system overview diagram with a brief discussion of the major divisions within an electric power system is provided. Basic definitions and common terminology are discussed
such as voltage, current, power, and energy. Once the fundamentals of generation are discussed, the different prime movers used to rotate generator shafts in power plants are described. The
prime movers discussed include steam, hydro, and wind turbines. Some of the nonrotating electric energy sources are also discussed, such as solar voltaic systems. The basic environmental issues associated with each prime mover are mentioned.

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