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15 Projects on Electrical Solar Energy

Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius
To be able to write about solar energy is one thing. But to possess the ability to put the knowledge of solar energy into layman’s terms, while including examples of do it yourself projects which make the practical applications obvious, gives this boy genius the street cred industry savvy he so very much deserves. In everyday life, we consume a tremendous amount of energy. Our lives are styled around consumption of natural resources and consumption of energy. Solar energy is clean, green, free, and best of all, isn’t going to be going anywhere for about the next five billion years now I don’t know about you, but when the sun does eventually expire, I for one will be pushing up the daisies, not looking on with my eclipse glasses. At present, the bulk of our energy comes from fossil fuels gas, coal, and oil. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons, that is to say that if we look at them chemically, they are wholly composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. The thing about hydrocarbons is that, when combined with the oxygen in the air and heat, they react exothermically they give out heat. The sun is effectively a massive nuclear reactor. When you consider that we have such an incredibly huge nuclear reactor in the neighborhood already, it seems ridiculous that some folks want to build more.

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