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PDF Electron Microscopy robotics and Electronics Handbooks

High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
This new third edition of the standard text retains the early section of the fundamentals of electron optics, linear imaging theory with partial coherence and multiple-scattering theory. Also preserved are updated earlier sections on practical methods, with detailed step-by-step accounts of the procedures needed to obtain the highest quality images of the arrangement of atoms in thin crystals using a modern electron microscope.

Energy Management Handbook
In this book, you will find detailed coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste-heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, electric energy management, control systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, industrial insulation, alternative energy, indoor air quality, utility rates, thermal energy storage, codes standards.

HVAC Systems Design Handbook
The Fourth Edition offers completely updated code references, new coverage of energy conservation and digital control practice, and a greater focus on indoor air quality, including maintenance and operation.

Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
The Handbook contains over 900 illustrations and numerous comprehensive materials data tables, features a fully searchable CD-ROM allowing quick access to data, and covers the broadest conceivable range of topics, including: Nanostructures; Micro/Nanofabrication; MEMS/NEMS Materials and Devices; Nanomechanics; Materials Science; Reliability Engineering; Scanning Probe.

Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems
The remaining chapters cover special topics including synthetic speech and the design of speech applications to enhance accessibility to people with disabilities and the ever-growing population of older adults.
provides in-depth information on current topics of major interest to speech application developers, and updates material from chapters that appeared in the previous edition.

RoboCup 2006: Robot Soccer World Cup X
The book provides a valuable source of reference and inspiration for R and D professionals active or interested in robotics or distributed intelligence, and is mandatory reading for the rapidly growing RoboCup community.

Polygons, Polyominoes and Polycubes
The book brings together chapters from many of the major contributors in the field. An introductory chapter giving the history of the problem is followed by fourteen further chapters describing particular aspects of the problem, and applications to biology, to surface phenomena and to computer enumeration methods.
The typical questions asked include "how many are there of a given perimeter?", "how big is the average polygon of given perimeter?", and corresponding questions about the area or volume enclosed.

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