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Need to Know About Dry Type Electrical Transformers

What is Dry type transformer? and How does it works? why is it very significant especially in the load side of customers. I always ask that question many times, especially if I have a customers in their applied load is 440 volts. One of their primary purpose instead of buying a new one distribution transformer which very expensive to their part they only buy a Dry Type transformer to convert from 440 to 220 volts, to supply electrical lighting outlet and convenience outlet. If you need more details I have prepared links and free pdf file if you want to download.

Electricity forums
Dry type transformers require minimum maintenance to provide many years of reliable trouble free service.

Natural Resource Canada
Transformers reduce the voltage of the electricity supplied by your utility to a level suitable for use by the electric equipment in your facility.

These dry type transformers meet strict parameters with respect to electrical system demands and functioning in areas with extreme climatic conditions.

Aluminum Winding DT transformers
The HV windings are wound from aluminium foil interleaved with an insulating foil.

MTC engineers have a thorough knowledge of the applications that our products support, and they create unique designs to support our customers’ special requirements. Our product offerings range from 1 KVA, 600 V to 10000 KVA, 34500V.


Electric Cylinder said...

Thanks for the information regarding Dry type transformer. Keep on posting!

Live Wire Test said...

Great post about the Dry Type Electrical Trans. Really informative & good referral links. Thanks for the post.

bree said...

Electrical Power Transformer Dry type Electrical Transformer requires low maintenance but provide good quality of service.

Anonymous said...

What are the specifications of a dry type/resin cast transformer?.

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