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Ebooks Electro-Optical and Electromagnetics with Electrical for Free to Download

Contamination Effects on Electronic Products
ne of the most criticalyet least understoodtechnical areas of electronic and electrical products is that of contamination and its effects. As demands for higher performance and reliability grow, this area can only become more critical. In fact, increasingly, performance warranties are becoming part of contracts for advanced-technology electronic systems. This trend will add to cost and detract from profits for suppliers of electronic and electrical systems unless they take the steps necessary to avoid equipment malfunctions.

Electro-optical Displays
The roots of display technology go back to such disciplines as electronics, chemistry, physics, electro-optics, communications, psychology, vision, and many more. It is this aspect of diversity that often poses a stumbling block for integration of the total field of display technology. This book attempts to explain the principles, applications, and issues pertaining to some of these electro-optical displays. Each chapter has been developed independently by one or more authors who have working experience in research and development of the display area in question.

Electroceramic-Based MEMS
The field of electroceramics (inorganic, non-metallic materials, often polycrystalline, with useful electrical and other functional properties) provides a vast number of active materials for sensors, actuators, and electrical and electronic components. Electroceramic thin films can add therefore many useful functionalities to MEMS. At the same time, because the fabrication of ceramics is commonly a high temperature process that often necessitates an oxygen containing atmosphere, because most ceramics are inert and corrosion resistant, and because the properties of electroceramics are very sensitive to the processing conditions, the integration of electroceramic layers onto silicon or other substrates and their patterning into functional elements need complex technologies that are still under development.

Electromagnetics Explained
A Handbook for Wireless/ RF, EMC, and High-Speed Electronics, This book is the result of many years of wondering about and researching the conceptual foundations of electromagnetics. My goal was to write a book that provided the reader with a conceptual understanding of electromagnetics and the insight to efficiently apply this understanding to real problems that confront scientists, engineers, and technicians. The fundamental equations that govern electromagnetic phenomena are those given to us by James Clerk Maxwell, and are commonly known as Maxwell’s equations. Excepting quantum phenomena, all electromagnetic problems can be solved from Maxwell’s equations.

Electronic Waste Management
In this book we have brought together the collective expertise of a group of leading practitioners in the field of electrical and electronic waste management. Martin Goosey, of Loughborough University, has written an introduction and overview for the opening chapter wherein he addresses the issues of sustainability and alternatives to dumping this waste in third world and Far Eastern countries.The accelerating pace of consumption of materials, energy and other resources needed to maintain the production of electrical and electronic products in the developed and developing world is clearly unsustainable. Recent growth in the use of mobile telephones, personal computers and flat screen TVs is spectacular.

Ferroelectric Devices
The light sensor, for example, semiconductive materials are superior to ferroelectrics in response speed and sensitivity. Magnetic devices are much more popular in the memory
field, and liquid crystals are typically used for optical displays. Ferroelectric devices often fail to be developed in the cases where competitive materials exist. This is mainly due to a lack of systematic acculation of hndamental knowledge of the materials and developmental experiences on the devices.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, by Charles Alexander, Matthew Sadiku
The main objective of this book is to present circuit analysis in a manner that is clearer, more interesting, and easier to understand than earlier texts.A course in circuit analysis is perhaps the first exposure students have to electrical engineering. We have included several features to help students feel at home with the subject. Each chapter opens with either a historical profile of some electrical engineering pioneers to be mentioned in the chapter or a career discussion on
a subdiscipline of electrical engineering. An introduction links the chapter with the previous chapters and states the chapter’s objectives. The chapter ends with a summary of the key points and formulas.

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