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Wireless Sensor Transmitter Circuits For Free

Wireless Sensor Networks: 6th European Conference
In this paper we present a mathematical model to evaluate the performance of an IEEE 802.15.4 based multi-sink Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Both sensors and sinks are assumed to be Poisson distributed in a given finite domain. Sinks send periodic and synchronous queries, and each sensor transmits its sample to a sink, selected among those that are audible. Sensors are deployed in the target area, which is observed through query/respond mechanisms: queries are periodically generated by the application, and sensor nodes react by sampling and
sending data to a centralised unit. By collecting samples taken from different locations and observing their temporal variations, estimates of the target random process realisation can be produced.

High Data Rate Transmitter Circuits
RF CMOS Design and Techniques for Design Automation
The challenge to design fully functional systems at an economically profitable scale will become bigger and bigger. The design team that tries to beat the odds, thus realizing these electronic systems with higher performance for a lower total cost will surely succeed in exposing itself to an enormous economic pressure and a high work load. Success, however, is not guaranteed at all. Possibly even more important than hard work to reach success are decisions made on a higher level. This work will focus on the design aspects of electronic circuits that can be used in systems for high-speed data transmission. Some aspects about transistor and inductor modeling and the manufacturing technique of flip-chip bonding will be discussed.

CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide
Cisco Press exam certification guides and preparation materials offer exceptional—and flexible—access to the knowledge and information required to stay current in your field of expertise or to gain new skills. Whether used as a supplement to more traditional training or as a primary source of learning, these materials offer users the information and knowledge validation required to gain new understanding and proficiencies. This chapter provides a brief history of wireless networks and explores the basics of radio technology, the modulation techniques used, and some of the issues seen in wireless LANs. In any wireless network, the capability to propagate the signal is key. Without that capability, the whole concept of a wireless network falls apart. In this chapter, you will learn about antenna principles, along with some common antenna and connector types.

Non-Binary Error Control Coding for Wireless Communication and Data Storage

Distributed Search by Constrained Agents: Algorithms, Performance, Communication

SonicWALL Secure Wireless Network Integrated Solutions Guide

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