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What instruments are used in electrical electronics engineering ?

Wavelet Applications In Engineering Electro-Magnetics
One of the objectives of this book is to apply this technique in computational electromagnetics and signal analysis. Primarily, it is shown to be an efficient tool in many cases for solving Maxwell’s equations. The method has been applied to fast solutions of large dense complex matrix equations arising in the solution of the integral form of Maxwell’s equations via the method of moments. The multiscale concept inherent in wavelet techniques has been applied to make dense complex impedance matrices arising in the solution of the method of moments
problem sparse. In addition, the concept of dilation and shift inherent in multiresolution wavelet analysis can be applied to large system matrices when solving the differential form of Maxwell’s equations via the finite element method, resulting in almost diagonal matrices. A key feature of this book is that wavelet concepts are described from a filter theory point of view that is familiar to students with an electrical engineering background. Most of the presentations therefore are made from an engineering perspective without sacrificing mathematical rigor. Many examples have been presented to illustrate the principle of multiresolution. Hence, this book is suitable
for researchers working primarily in the area of computational techniques with a
junior level background in electrical engineering.

The LabVIEW Style Book
National Instruments Virtual Instrumentation Series, This book is a fully comprehensive resource, covering every aspect of VI style, from the highest level (project planning and organization) to the smallest detail (wires with too many bends). If I had read this book while I was learning LabVIEW, my code would have been many times more useable and maintainable from the start. Another truly unique feature of the book is the impressive number of example VIs that Peter uses to illustrate good (and sometimes bad) style. With his decade-and-a-half of LabVIEW experience, Peter has a vast library of VIs that he, his employees, or his customers have written. He utilizes this library of code effectively to illustrate applicable points in every chapter. What's more, he will sometimes take the same example over the course of several chapters and refine it more and more with style rules picked up along the way. This gives us a "real-time" view of how good style can positively affect VIs as they are being developed.

Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications

All the described devices and systems were constructed by the author and successfully tested. Some of them have been successfully used in different power installations. Moreover, in some cases the devices were put to use in industry beyond their intended scope. For example, some RG-series relays were used for transmission of discrete control commands from ground potential to electronic modules, with high voltage applied to them. Another example: highvoltage HVTS-5 switching devices were used for generation of strong highvoltage pulses in a special transformer bench-test. describes automatic overload protection systems for powerful high-voltage radio electronic devices: radar, lasers, RF-generators, etc. includes descriptions of different automation devices developed by the author, designated for use in high-voltage power networks in the power industry. include various reference data: recommended materials for production, the most suitable electronic components (reed switches, thyristors, transistors, HV cables, solid-state modules, relays, etc.).

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