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Algorithms for Compiler Design Electrical and Computer Engineering Series
Crucial to any computer system, effective compiler design is also one of the most complex areas of system development. Before any code for a modern compiler is even written, many students and even experienced programmers have difficulty with the high-level algorithms that will be necessary for the compiler to function. Written with this in mind, Algorithms for Compiler Design teaches the fundamental algorithms that underlie modern compilers. The book focuses on the "front-end" of compiler design

Electronics For You Projects 2000

Understanding Batteries
A battery is a device for the storage of electrical energy in the form of
chemicals and for the re-conversion of these chemicals into direct-current
electricity. The processes taking place at the electrodes are quite complex,
although usually they may be represented, to a first approximation, by
simple electrochemical equations. During discharge, the equations; define
a chemical reduction process with take-up of electrons at the positive
electrode, and an oxidation process with loss of electrons at the negative
electrode. Recharging a secondary battery is simply a reversal of the
processes which occur during discharge.

Power Supplies for All Occasions

WDM Technologies: Optical Networks
The existence and advance of optical fiber communications is based on
the invention of the laser, particularly the semiconductor junction laser, the
invention of low-loss optical fibers, and related disciplines, such as integrated
optics.We should never forget that it took more than 25 years from
the early, pioneering ideas to the first large-scale commercial deployment
of optical communications: the Northeast Corridor system linking Washington
with New York in 1983 and New York with Boston in 1984. This is
when the revolution got started in the marketplace, and when optical fiber
communications began seriously to impact the way information is transmitted.

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