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Analysis Methods for RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Planar Transmission Line Structures
The primary objective of this book is to present the Green’s function, conformal-mapping, variational, spectral-domain, and mode-matching methods, which are some of the most useful and commonly used techniques for analyzing planar transmission lines.Includes problems at the end of each chapter, allowing readers to reinforce their knowledge and to practice their understanding. Some of these problems are relatively long and difficult, and thus are more suitable for class projects.This book is based on the material of a graduate course on field theory
for microwave passive structures offered at Texas A&M University.

Hoffmann RK, Handbook of Microwave Integrated Circuits
This book provides the fundamental information for the design of MICs, with emphasis on the electrical properties of the various forms of strip transmission lines, which are the basic elements for all MICs. Other principles subjects are an introduction to the technology of these circuits.

Math with Microwave
Its a software that have five different numbers together from division, addition, multiplication, subtract etc.

RF and Microwave Wireless Systems
This book will bridge the gap between RF=microwave engineers and communication system engineers.The materials covered in this book have been taught successfully at Texas A&M
University to a senior class for the past few years. Half of the students are from RF and microwave areas, and half are from communications, signal processing, solidstate, optics, or other areas.This book was written as a textbook, it can also be used as a reference book for practical engineers and technicians. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on the basic operating principles.

Waveguide Handbook Microwave
The new edition also provides and opportunities to correct a partial list of typographical and subtantive errors pointed out over past years by collegues. Status of the Handbook has beena cause of lament by interested students and microwave researchers. The decision by the Institution of Electrical Engineers to undertaken a new printing remedies this condition and comes as personal pleasure.

Microwave Project

Microwave Photonics
In this multidisciplinary field at the interface between microwaves, ultrafast optics, and photonic technologies, typical investigations include, for example, measurements of ultrafast signals, high-speed and microwave signal generation, signal processing, and conversion as well as the distribution and transmission of microwave signals via broadband optical links. Microwave photonics, which experienced a slow start in the 1980s, has recently witnessed rapid growth.Microwave photonics can be defined as the study of photonic devices operating at microwave or millimeterwave and even terahertz frequencies and their use in microwave or photonic systems.

Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits
This book deals with comprehensive treatment of RF and microwave circuit elements, including inductors, capacitors, resistors, transformers, via holes, airbridges, and crossovers. The topics discussed include materials, fabrication, analyses, design, modeling, and physical, electrical, and thermal practical considerations.Lumped elements such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors have played a vital role in the development of such low-cost circuits.

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