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Solar Tidal Hydro electrical power FREE ebooks

Solar cells are devices that absorb and convert radiant energy from the sun directly into electrical energy. They are made of materials called semiconductors, which are crystalline solids
with an electrical conductivity between those of metals and insulators.Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells, are a compact source of small amounts of electricity. They are rugged, dependable devices for converting sunlight directly into electrical energy. They have no moving parts and a long working life. System maintenance costs are lower and reliability is much higher than for other power sources.

Solar Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis
Why would anyone want to produce hydrogen at home? Hydrogen can be used as a non-toxic energy storage and transport medium. Hydrogen that is made from water using solar energy is a sustainable and renewable home energy supply. Make hay or hydrogen while the sun shines. Then use the stored hydrogen to produce heat and electricity on demand, day or night!Hydrogen and oxygen can be produced from water
using electricity with an electrolyzer.


Solar cells are at the hunch of some photovoltaic grouping and in this aggregation the different types are described and their characteristics reviewed.

Theory of Wind machine by: Betz Equation

Betz'z theory which applies to horizontal axis wind machines.

Solar Energy
The longterm goal for this project is to develop efficient and economical technology for the biological conversion of solar energy into molecular hydrogen. The first portion of the project (Part I) seeks to develop an organism/bioreactor system employing a genetically engineered organism that is effective in the DIRECT conversion of sunlight to hydrogen.

On how to develop a small hydro site
The objective of a hydro power scheme is to convert the potential energy of a mass of water, flowing in a stream with a certain fall (termed the “head”), into electric energy at the lower end of the scheme, where the powerhouse is located. The power of the scheme is proportional to the flow and to the head. Medium and high head schemes use weirs to divert water to the intake, from where it is conveyed to the turbines, via a pressure pipe or penstock. Penstocks are expensive and consequently this design is usually uneconomic. A small hydropower scheme cannot afford a large reservoir to operate the plant when it is most convenient; the cost of a relatively large dam and its hydraulic appurtenances would be too high to make it economically viable. But if the reservoir has already been built for other purposes – flood control, irrigation network, water abstraction for a big city, recreation area

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