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I call this post below a circuit city because its all a free download ebooks about circuits of electrical or electronics but you cannot seen here about a circuit city which regard on television or entertainment. Take note that use these free ebooks for educational only please support to the authors or publisher to buy the original one on circuits.

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

PSpice for Circuit Theory and Electronic Devices

Classical Circuit Theory
The purpose of this book is to make learning circuit analysis easier. It can function as a supplement to just about any electric circuits book and it will serve as a tutorial for just about any circuit analysis class. If you are having trouble
with electrical engineering because the books are too difficult or the professor is too hard to understand, this text will help you.Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult courses that students face when attempting to learn electrical engineering.This book is designed to help students taking a one-year circuit analysis course or professionals looking for a review.

Circuit Analysis Theory & Practice, 2nd Edition
An electrical circuit is a system of interconnected components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage sources, and so on.A first step to understanding these technologies is electric circuit theory.
Circuit theory provides you with the knowledge of basic principles that you need to understand the behavior of electric and electronic devices, circuits, and systems. In this book, we develop and explore its basic ideas. Its design is based on electrical, electronic, and magnetic circuit principles. For example, resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits are used to control the voltages and currents that operate its motors and amplify the audio and video signals that are the heart of the system.

The Circuit Designer's Companion, Second Edition
The book will be as useful to the experienced designer who wishes to broaden his or her background as it will to the neophyte fresh from college who faces a first job in industry with trepidation and excitement.The colleges and universities can hardly be blamed for putting the emphasis in their courses on the skills needed to cope with digital electronics, which is after all becoming more and more pervasive.Electronic circuit design can be divided into two areas: the first consists in designing a circuit that will fulfil its specified function, sometimes, under laboratory conditions.

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals & Applications, Third Edition

Understanding Circuits Learning Problem Solving Using Circuit Analysis
This book/lecture is intended for a college freshman level class in problem solving,
where the particular problems deal with electrical and electronic circuits.this is a book on problem solving, and this poem is as good an analogy as any that I have found to illustrate how you go about solving problems in engineering.Electrical engineering is a very diverse field. Look around you. Products of electrical engineers are ubiquitous. The particular problems that we look at in these notes belong to one small part of electrical engineering.

Introductory Circuit Analysis, 10th Edition

Is clear evidence that the electrical/electronics industry is one that will have a sweeping impact on future development in a wide range of areas that affect our life style, general health, and capabilities.Microprocessors built from these transistors will operate at about 20 GHz. It leaves us only towonder about the limits of such development.

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