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pdf file free Oscilloscope Techniques, Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Theory, Methods, and Applications

Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Theory, Methods, and Applications
This book details recent advances in nonlinear theory and methods. A wide array of contemporary applications in which nonlinear methods are being applied to address challenging open problems are also presented. Although there is no single theory under which nonlinear methods are unified— these approaches are defined simply by what they are not, namely, linear— significant advances have been made in recent years in several branches of nonlinear theory. The first set of chapters in the book is therefore focused on recent advances in nonlinear signal processing theory. This set of chapters targets three critical areas of theory: (1) filter analysis, (2) nonlinear filter class design, and (3) signal analysis.
The filter analysis presented utilizes new nonlinear approaches to analyzing the performance of adaptive filters. By utilizing nonlinear analysis, adaptive filters can be characterized in terms of a state-space model that lends greater insight. Although no single theory unites the large number of nonlinear approaches reported in the literature, approaches founded on maximum likelihood principles define large filter classes that can address many challenging problems. Here, we present two such filter classes: fuzzy ordering theory-based filters and myriad filters. Fuzzy ordering unites the theories of rank ordering and fuzzy relations to yield a broad class of robust filters. Myriad filters are also a robust class of filters designed specifically, in this case, to address applications with stable distributions statistics. The signal analysis presented here is based on time-frequency distributions. Although time-frequency distributions have been studied for some time, the current results presented here show that the Wigner distribution can be represented as a dynamic equation, the solution of which is an ordinary or partial differential equation.

Oscilloscope Techniques

Contents: The cathode ray tube, Oscilloscope circuitry, Oscilloscope accessories, measuring electrical magnitudes, Networks and waveforms, Display of characteristics, Fundamental electronics circuits, checking receiver circuits, waveforms in black and white and color television, Oscilloscope fault patterns.

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