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Electrical ebooks Practical Transformer Handbook, Power Generation Technologies

Power Generation Technologies
This book is primarily about the ways of generating electricity. It does not cover the means of transporting electricity and delivering it to those who wish to use it. Nor does it treat, except obliquely, the political issues that attach themselves to electricity supply. What it does attempt, is to provide an explanation of all the myriad ways that man has devised to produce this most elusive of energy forms. The book is divided into chapters with one chapter devoted to each type of electricity generation. The explanations provided are thorough and
technical where necessary but do not resort to overly technical language where this can be avoided. Readers, who are seeking a full analysis of the thermodynamics of the heat engine, or the differential equations for solving the problem of turbine flow, will need to look elsewhere.

Practical Transformer Handbook: for Electronics, Radio and Communications Engineers
This book takes a somewhat different tack; it deals largely with transformers more relevant to electronic technology, control techniques, instrumentation, and to unusual implementations of transformers and transformer-like devices. In sodoing, the author feels that the highest usefulness will ensue from emphasis on the practical aspects of such transformers and their unique applications. For, if properly done, those readers wishing to probe further will have been guided along appropriate paths to extended investigation. The underlying objective is to stimulate the creativity of engineers, hobbyists, experimenters and inventors, rather than to provide a conventional classroom-like text. It is to be hoped that a readable and interesting exposition of the topic will help dispel much of the prevalent notion that transformers are mundane devices of a mature technology with little prospect of further evolutionary progress. To this end, it should be easy to show that the traditional treatment of transformers,
althogh providing a solid academic-foundation, tends to confine the modern practitioner to a bygone era.

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