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Permanent Magnet & Electromechanical Devices: Materials, Analysis, and Applications

Power Sources and Supplies
The power supply design then usually follows that engineer throughout their employment with that company because of the “ millstone effect.” For me, this turned out to be fortunate. I had always been intrigued by the unknown and loved the fi eld ’ s curious combination of RF, digital, analog and power. My reward is in realizing that I intuitively understand an area that few engineers do, and my power supply designs are in many of the products in use today.
This book is an assemblage of four books from different authors on topics from linear and switching power supply design. The book covers a wide range of different aspects of power supply design with differing perspectives from these authors; all this combines to
provide a more rounded view of the power fi eld.

Permanent Magnet Motor Technology
The aim of Chapter 1, ‘Introduction’, is to bring the reader into the modern world of electromechanics and motion control. The structure of electromechanical drives and classification of PM motors are described. The current and future trends in the PM motors and drives industry are discussed.
This chapter also shows the reader how to select PM motors to meet the specific requirements of electrical drives. The second chapter, ‘Permanent Magnet Materials and Circuits’, is devoted to the physics of hard magnetic materials and practical calculation of PM circuits. Analysis of magnetic circuits is based on PM materials currently available on the market. How to find an operating point, including armature reaction, and how to evaluate the airgap permeance and permeances for leakage fluxes are emphasized. Chapter 3, ‘Finite Element Analysis’, deals with CAD design of PM motors with the aid of the finite element nlethod (FEM). Field equations, their solutions, boundary conditions, pre-processing and postprocessing
routines and determination of integral parameters (inductances, back EMF, forces, torques) are discussed. According to a survey made in different parts of the world, nearly 20% of electrical engineers working in industry require additional updated knowledge i n electromagnetics. Chapter 4, ‘d.c. Commutator Motors’, deals with cost effective d.c. rornnlutator motors with barium ferrite PMs manufactured in large quantities. Chapter 5 ‘Theory of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors’ discusses analysis of synchronous motors with PMs. Chapter 6, ‘dx. Brushless Motors’, emphasizes the differences between the synchronous motors (sinusoidally excited) and d.c. (square wave) brushless motors. The next three chapters, ‘AXial Flux Motors’, ‘High Power Density Brushless Motors’, and ‘Brushless
Motors of Special Construction’, focus on a large family of brushless motors with moving PMs such as motors of cylindrical and disk construction, micromotors, large motors (ship propulsion), single-phase motors, transverse flux motors, and other configurations. Special attention is paid to
their application to modern electrical drives. Stepping motors with active PM rotors are discussed in Chapter 10, ‘Stepping motors). Fudanlental so if modern mathematical methods of optinlization, including population-based incremental learning, are found in Chapter 11, ‘Optimization’.

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