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Matching Properties of Deep Sub-Micron MOS Transistors
Examines this interesting phenomenon. Microscopic fluctuations cause stochastic parameter fluctuations that affect the accuracy of the MOSFET. For analog circuits this determines the trade-off between speed, power, accuracy and yield. Furthermore, due to the down-scaling of device dimensions, transistor mismatch has an increasing impact on digital circuits. The matching properties of MOSFETs are studied at several levels of abstraction

Systematic Modeling and Analysis of Telecom Frontends and their Building Blocks
The book treats topics such as time-varying phase-locked loop stability, noise in mixing circuits, oscillator injection locking, oscillator phase noise behavior, harmonic oscillator dynamics and many more. In doing so, it always starts from a theoretical foundation that is both rigorous and general. Phase-locked loop and mixer analysis, for example, are grounded upon a general framework for time-varying small-signal analysis.

Materials Science in Microelectronics II, Second Edition

Focuses on the latter of these relationships, examining the effect of structure on the following:Electrical properties, Optical properties, Magnetic properties.

Home Automation

For developers, there are datasheets of specific components and various items with application data. End-users and hobbyists will find ready-made applications that can be used immediately.

Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities

Provides an informed view of how information technology is shaping the contemporary humanities.humanities scholars with all levels of access are doing important work with technology.

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