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Computational Electronics, CMOS Active Inductors and Transformers, Electric Motor Drives

Computational Electronics
which deals with compact behavioral models for devices and sub-circuits relevant for circuit simulation in commercial packages.The goal of this book is to provide simulation tools that capture the essential physics while at the same time minimizing the computational burden so that results are obtained within a reasonable time frame.

CMOS Active Inductors and Transformers
The content of the book is drawn from recently published research papers and are not available in a single, cohesive book. Equal emphasis is given to the theory of CMOS active inductors and transformers, and their emerging applications. Major subjects to be covered in the book include: inductive characteristics in high-speed analog signal processing and data communications, spiral inductors and transformers.

The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides
the primary goal of this book is to provide an insight into this essence.
Review of the wave guiding structures over the whole electromagnetic spectrum shows that, for frequencies below 30 GHz, mostly metal-based structures are used, and for frequencies above 30 GHz, increasing skin-depth losses in metal requires that these structures be made without the use of metallic material.

Introductory Circuit Analysis 10th Edition
The book where they are discussed. Current and Voltage. Resistance. Ohm's Law, Power, and Energy. Series Circuits. Parallel Circuits. Series-Parallel Networks. Methods of Analysis & Selected Topics. Network Theorems. Capacitors. Magnetic Circuits. Inductors. Sinusodial Alternating Waveforms.

Theatre Engineering and Stage Machinery

Electric Motor Drives

Modeling, Analysis, and Control,

CCTV Surveillance, Second Edition
is completely updated with the recent advancements in digital cameras and digital recorders, remote monitoring via the Internet, and CCTV integration with other security systems. Continuing in the celebrated tradition of the first edition, the second edition is written to serve as a useful resource for the end-user as well as the technical practitioner.

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