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Digital, Bluetooth, Power Amplifiers, MOBILE SYSTEMS collection Free

Digital Design Fundamentals
The purpose of this book is to produce the student to the basic concepts required to design a digital system.

Digital Design Principles and Practice
Perhaps you’re an electrical engineering student who already knows something about analog electronics and circuit design, but you wouldn’t know a bit if it bit you. No matter. Starting from a fairly basic level, this book will show you how to design digital circuits and subsystems.

Digital Electronics
Electronics is heavily relied on by most other areas of electrical engineering.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

Digital signal processors, such as the TMS320 family of processors, are found in a wide range of applications such as in communications and controls, speech processing, and so on. They are used in Fax, modems, cellular phones, etc.

Digital Signal Processors in Cellular Radio Communications
Wireless Communications are based on digital Communication technologies.

Digital switching Systems
System reliability and analysis, The motive of this book is to expose practising telephone engineers adn other graduate engineers to the art of digital switching

Digital Video Quality Vision Models and Metrics
Video compression schemes should reduce the visibility of the introduced artifacts, watermarking schemes should hide information more effectively in images, printers should use the best half-toning patterns, and so on. In all these applications, the limitations of the human visual system.

Discovering Bluetooth
Bluetooth is just such an emerging technology. Many—including me—think that it’s going to be the “next big thing” in the computing and telecommunications worlds.

Distortion in RF Power Amplifiers
It begins comfortably by defining memory and linearity, and briefly reviewing phasor analysis and the most common ways to measure and define the amount of nonlinearity.


Contains a collection of research papers authored by prominent specialists in the field. It is dedicated to Professor Fumitada Itakura of Nagoya University.

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