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Computers in Communication, Guide to Cell phones and wireless service Plans, Control Engineering

Computers in Communication
The book is deliberately focused tightly onmatters concernedwith communication. It avoids excursions into other areas of computer science, such as computer programming, modelling or simulation, not to mention electronics, photonics or mathematics. Such matters are covered in other specialized texts. The reader requires no background in computer communications, only a basic familiarity with computers in general.

Consumer's Guide to Cell phones and wireless service Plans
help you determine what you need in a wireless phone and service plan.The information in this Guide is compiled from the data that GetConnected, Inc. collects directly from the wireless service providers and the tools that we have developed to help direct you to the perfect plan and phone.

Contiuos Time Active Filter Design

This book is about continuous-time filters. The classic LCR filters built with inductors, capacitors, and resistors are such filters, of course, and indeed are still much in use. However, these filters are unsuitable for implementation in the ubiquitous integrated circuit, since no satisfactory way of making inductors on chip has been found.

Control Engineering
A Guide for beginners, The Control action, angalog and digital controllers, switching controllers, power switching, switched disturbance correction.

CRC Press Intelligent Control Systems Using Soft Computing Methodologies
The role model for fuzzy logic is the human mind. From a control theoretical point of view, fuzzy logic has been intermixed with all the important aspects of systems theory: modeling, identification, analysis, stability, synthesis, filtering, and estimation. Interest in stability criteria for fuzzy control systems has grown in recent years.

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