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Rapid Wireless Technology, Signal Detection and Estimation, Understanding Microwaves, COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, Analog Circuits, Video Processing

Wireless Technology
Protocols, Standards, and Techniques, The book, divided into five parts, describes protocols, standards, and techniques
for 2G and 3G technologies, including those specific to wireless multimedia.The book is suitable as text as well as a reference. As a textbook, it fits into
a semester course for both undergraduate and graduate levels in electrical
engineering, wireless communications, and more generally in information
technology. As

Signal Detection and Estimation
The book contains numerous examples solved in detail. Since some material on signal detection could be very complex and require a lot of background in engineering math, a chapter and various sections to cover such background are included, so that one can easily understand the intended material.

Understanding Microwaves
Television programs are transmitted by satellites using microwaves. Telephone and data signals are transmitted by microwaves relay. the content of this books are A survey of Microwaves Systems and Devices, Microwave Fields, Microwave Signal Control Components and many others.

Electronics Technician V6
Books contents : Magnetic Disk Storage, Magnetic Tape Storage, Computer Memories, Fundamentals and Operations of Computers, Computer Configurations and Hardware

The goal of this book is to provide a concise but lucid explanation and derivation of the fundamentals of spread-spectrum communication systems.this book stresses principles rather than specific current or planned systems, which are described in many other books.

RF and Microwave Wireless Systems
These future systems will provide data and voice communications to anywhere in the world, using a combination of wireless telephones, wireless modems, terrestrial cellular telephones and satellites.Many other systems, such as, the global positioning system (GPS), RF identification (RFID), direct broadcast system (DBS), surveillance, smart highways, and smart automobiles are introduced.

Signals and Signal Spaces
The goal of this chapter is to give a brief overview of methods for characterizing signals and for describing their properties, Energy and Power Signals.

Standard Codecs: Image Compression to Advanced Video Coding
This book discusses the growth of digital television technology and the revolution in image and video compression, highlighting the need for standardization in processing static and moving images and their exchange between computer systems.Video Coding for Low Bit Rate Communications.

Telecom Crash Course
So what is the message of this book? There are several, really. First, telecommunications is the interstitial tissue, the systemic fabric that more and more weaves the world together. Second, it does so because it can. Yes, there’s a downside to the homogenization that occurs with globalization.

Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
Book contents : The Philosophy of Troubleshooting, Resistors and Inductors, Capacitor Problems, PC Boards and Connectors, Relays and Switches, Understanding Diodes, Transistor Problems.

Video Demystified
A Handbook for the Digital Engineer, The applications for video were somewhat confined, analog was used for broadcast and cable television, VCRs, Set top boxes, televisions and camcorders.

Video Processing and Communications
The explosive growth in wireless and networking technology has profoundly changed the global communications infrastructure. It is the confluence of wireless, multimedia, and networking that will fundamentally change theway people conduct business and communicate with each other.

Applications in signal and Image Processing
Signal Analysis Wavelets
Fundamentals f Image processing

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