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Free tutorial and electronics project

All about the use of LED light emitting
1.5 Volt LED Flashers, AC Line powered LEDs, LED Traffic Lights,40 LED Bicycle Light, 16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer,Expandable 16 Stage LED Sequencer,10 Channel LED Sequencer, Two Transistor LED Flasher, Fading Red Eyes, 28 LED Clock Timer, 72 LED Clock,50 Hertz LED Clock Timebase, Infrared Remote Control Tester, Battery Equal Charge Indicator, Astable Multivibrator, LED Photo Sensor.

With printed PCB to free to download, A pulse generator, or astable, Resistors limit the flow of electric current, Capacitors can store electric charge., An LED, or light-emitting diode, illuminates when an electric current flows through it. Like any diode,, Transistors work like switches.

Astable Flip-Flop Circuits
Handy configuration for making flashers or generating squarewaves, uses negative feedback for the bias., NPN darlington transistor, the astable flip-flop without resorting to huge capacitors, Mosfet power transistors will work in most of these circuits, useful for purposes other than flashing lamps,the circuit uses non-symmetrical values,a two-stage AC-coupled amplifier with the output fed back to the input through another capacitor.

Astable Multivibrator Projects

Code Practice Oscillator, Code Practice Oscillator Project Notes, Simple Electronic Keyer, Keyer Operation, Keyer Speed, Q3, Q4 Output Stages, Amateur and Short Wave Radio Electronics Experimenter's Web Site.

Learn about coilgun design
What is a coilgun or gauss gun?, Why build a coilgun?, Fixed the RLC simulation.

Bicycle back safety light - free electronic project using LED and IC

Flashing 13 LED unit, 3volt supply also suitable for jogger/walker, Device purpose, circuit operation, LED arrangement.

A Simple Capacitance Multiplier Power Supply For Class-A Amplifiers
Free electronics project, Design Considerations - Regulator,Capacitance Multiplier - Design Considerations,The Final Design, Complete Dual Capacitance Multiplier, Using A Capacitance Multiplier Filter With Class-AB Amps,

Dynamo-Powered LED Light Circuits for Bicycles
This is an evolutionary tutorial on how to power such systems from a dynamo, A word about Power LEDs and Lumens, basic LED headlight, less flicker at low speed, Adding a tail light, a basic tail light added to the headlight,an alternative tail light, a tuning capacitor increases the power at moderate speed, Multiplying the power,driving more than one LED, Mastering high power and good low-speed performance at the same time, inclusion of a voltage doubler,a variation of circuit 8,one more variation of circuit 8, Automatic mode selection, automatic mode selection,a different approach to automatic mode selection.

Free electronics project with schematic and list of materials
Electronic/Electricity Circuit Idea for the Car, Ultra High Accuracy Digital Clock,Ultra High Accuracy Digital Clock (Ver2), 4 Channel Adapter for the Oscilloscope,Count-down timer, Stabilised power unit, Dancing lights,Ultrasonic Range Meter, Ultrasonic Alarm (1),Ultrasonic Alarm (2),Infrared Sensor, DC/AC inverter,Ultrasonic Range Meter using PIC, Battery charger.

Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Lamp

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