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Free Download and Tutorial - electronics circuits on 1-wire circuits

1-wire barometer
Design finalized, schematic, board arrive, LED,temperature problem, Calibration approach,History,Board arrive, soldering, Debugging,Replaced with spare.

An experimenter's 1 wire barometer
Printed circuit layouts, work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network, The goal of this design was to make a simple reliable 1-Wire barometer, Circuit Description,Printed Circuit Board,Mounting the DS2438,A DS2438 surface mount IC mounted on a 8-pin soldertail DIP socket , Board Layout, Parts List, Constructing the board, Suggestions on Final Calibration, Technical Information and Discussion.

Free 1-Wire DEVICES pdf file
White Paper 2: Using the 1-Wire Public-Domain Kit , White Paper 3: Why are 1-Wire SHA-1 Devices Secure? , White Paper 4: Glossary of 1-Wire SHA-1 Terms ,Communication Flowchart for the DS2703 , White Paper 5: Using 1-Wire APIs for Data Sheet Commands,DS2490 Universal Serial Bus Descriptors , Embedding the 1-Wire Master, White Paper 7: Thermochron Mission Authentication and Security , White Paper 8: 1-Wire SHA-1 Overview , Communicating through the 1-Wire Master ,1-Wire Communication Through Software , Interfacing the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Master (DS1WM) to an ARM7 Processor,1-Wire Software Resource Guide , Ultra-Reliable 1-Wire Communications , Interfacing the DS18X20/DS1822 1-Wire Temperature Sensor in a Microcontroller Environment ,1-Wire Master Device Configuration ,Storing Battery Fuel Gauge Parameters in the DS2781 ,Single-Wire Serial Bus Carries Isolated Power and Data , Building a 1-Wire Temperature Logger Using the MAXQ3210 ,1-Wire Extended Network Standard , Add Control, Memory, Security, and Mixed-Signal Functions with a Single Contact ,

Introduction to 1-Wire networks
Defination of 1-wire, Hardware , DS1820 Family,Pin layout for the DS1820/DS18S20/DS18B20, Application - DS2405 used for contact detection, 1-Wire Network,Typical 1-wire bus with all temperature sensors,DS9490R 1-wire to USB converter,Midon Design's TEMP08, Quaser Electronics 3145 temperature project, Software.

Overview of 1-Wire Technology and Its Use
What is the 1-Wire Net?,A Unique Address for Every Part?,General-Purpose 1-Wire Net Example, Two DS2409s and a DS2406 help form a general-purpose 1-Wire net with visual indicators. Addressable Digital Instruments, Measuring Humidity on the 1-Wire Net, Measuring Barometric Pressure on the 1-Wire Net, Measuring Wind Direction on the 1-Wire Net, Measuring Solar Radiance on the 1-Wire Net, Measuring a Thermocouple on the 1-Wire Net, with topic of free pdf file.

The 1-Wire Thermocouple
With pdf file for free to download, thermocouple can be combined with a lithium ion monitor chip to create a smart sensor, This article describes a method of measuring temperatures using conventional thermocouples that are directly digitized at the cold junction,A Review of the Thermocouple, The DS2760, Measuring a Thermocouple over the 1-Wire,

The 1-wire weather station
To accurately describe current weather conditions and predict, The basic weather station measures wind speed and direction, ambient temperature, and rainfall, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, capacitor and diode half-wave rectifier to provide parasitic power from the data line for the station's various sensors and to transfer.

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