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Rapid share Electrical and Electronics

the circuit designer's companion - practical electronic design that draws for a consultant and design engineer.
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polymer solution book - models of polymer, thermodynamics of polymer dilute, dynamics of dilute polymer solutions, thermodynamics and dynamics of semi dilute solutions
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electricity and magnetism - electricity and the atom, the quest for the atomic force, charge, electricity and magnetism,atoms, quanization, of charge, the electron, the raisin cookie model of the atom summary, homework problems, the nucleus, radioactivity, the planetary model of the atom, atomic number, the structur of nuclei, The Strong Nuclear Force, Alpha Decay and Fission
, The Weak Nuclear Force, Beta Decay, Fusion, Nuclear Energy and Binding Energies, Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation, The Creation of the Elements.
introduction to computational physics - free book, useful for mechanical physics and computer engineering.
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electromechanical design handbook - dimension and tolerance practice, finishes and plating practices, layout and fabrication practices, machine element design and mechanism, basic pneumatics, hydraulics, air handling and heat.
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fundamentals of switching theory and logic desin - mathematical techniques, design tools, provide hands on example, recommended by IEEE/ACM, teaching and studying.
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electronic devices and circuits - understanding fundamental concepts of electronic devices, design,circuitry, basic switching mode of power supply.
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contruction of buildings - electrical supply and distribution, water supply and distribution,gas supply, etc.
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Industrial Control Wiring Guide ide__2nd_ed._.rar 1.09 MB
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Plant Engineering Handbook ar
Safety at Work 8.76 MB
Electronic Navigation 3rd_ed._.rar 15.58 MB

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