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Flying kite near power line

Inventor Benjamin Franklin He used kite to prove that lighting was a electricity. So therefore playing kite could prove also that be very a good conductor too especially when you are using a materials that does not right.

Overhead transmission lines are very much danger it is because most of the lines
carrying 7620 volt above they are bare conductors which means not insulated.

Substation or transformer installed on pole are live parts also that are dangerous to contact.

Current always seeks the shortest path to the ground,it tries to find a good conductor or something that they can pass through to the ground. Our body contains about 70 percent of water which means current can able to flow. For instance if you are touching a live parts while your feet in on the ground, the current will automatically to flow it causes harmful.

Becuase of that it is better or advisableto stay clear off the electrical wires when flying or playing kites, because it can cause a serious injuries or even death.
The question. How much current can a body take? The answer is it doesn't take much to get hurt even 10 watts of Christmas tree bulb can kill you in a fraction of second if it passes throug your heart.

For safety tips
1. If your kite is caught in power lines or it falls into a substation you must leave there or call an emergency line man of the company.
2. use cotton, linen or any nylon to use as string of your kite.
3. use kites made of good insulator like wood or plastic.
4. before you playing kite always clear and be observant and knowledgeable about electricity.

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Naseer Z. M. said...

Working with electrical power lines requires specialized knowledge of transformers, power line hardware distribution systems, and substations.

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