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how kilo watt hour meter works

what is electro mechanical energy

Potential coil
A Voltage Coil Assembly consists of a coil
with many turns of fine wire and laminated core.
The voltage coil is designed to produce air gap
magnetic flux, which is proportional to the
applied voltage.

Meter stator
The stator of a Kilowatt-hour meter consists of
two sub-assemblies: a voltage coil and core assembly,
and a current coil and core assembly.
These two assemblies are precisely located on the
frame to establish an air gap through which the
meter disk rotates.

Current coil
A Current Coil Assembly consists of a relatively
few turns of large cross-section conductor and
a laminated core assembly.
The current coil assembly must produce air
gap magnetic flux, which is proportional to
the current drawn by the load.

Meter disk
A part of kWh meter that is directly driven by electromagnetic action.

Meter register
A part of the meter that registers the revolutions
of the rotor, or the number of pulses received from
or transmitted to a meter, in terms of units of
electric energy or other quantity measured.

Induction motor
A kWh meter is an induction motor that has stator which
consists of a voltage circuit, one or more current circuits,
and a combined magnetic circuit so arranged that their joint
effect, when
energized, is to exert a driving torque on the rotor
by the reaction with currents induced in an individual
or common conducting disk.

Determine Self Conctained(SC) and Instrument Rated(IR) meter

Self-contained (SC) Meter
A kWh meter that measures energy in a
certain loads and can sustain greater
currents, such as 100 amps, 200 amps.

Meter class found in the name plate: class 100 and class 200

Larger current coil cross-section conductor.

Instrument Rated (IR) Meter
A kWh meter that measures energy in a certain loads with
the help of an instrument transformer such as current
and potential transformer.

- Meter class: class 10, class 20.
- With pilot lamp for 3-phase meter.
- Smaller current coil cross-section conductor.


kWh meter
A Kilowatt-hour meter records the energy consumed by the loads;
and by accomplishing this measurement, an energy
seller can fairly charge an energy consumer for
the service rendered.

kW meter
A kilowatt meter that indicates
or records the highest demand (kW)
over a selected period of time, su

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