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The format of this workshop and book has strongly been influenced by the AACD workshop series organized by J. H. Huijsing, R. J. van de Plassche and W. Sansen. The editors greatly appreciate the inspiration provided by this series.The workshop combined presentations by invited experts from academia and industry with panel and informal discussions.

Closed Circuit Television
This book has been written to provide the latter in the above list – a knowledge of CCTV principles and technology. Like the first edition, it uses the City & Guilds/SITO Knowledge of Security and Emergency Alarm Systems syllabus (course 1851) as its basis, making it suitable reading for trainees studying towards this qualification or for those who are working towards an NVQ level II or III in CCTV installation and maintenance.

CMOS Electronics How it Works, How It Fails
Each Chapter of this book had from one to three reviewers. All reviewers conveyed a personal feeling of wanting to make this a better book.

Instead of sitting in separate groups, IC circuit designers, CAD support people, and IC layout designers sat intermixed around round tables. I had the opportunity to sit beside Zvi Soha, who was at the time the CEO of MSIL. After enjoying a very special meal, but before the dessert arrived, Zvi asked each of us to tell him what would make each one of us more efficient, happier, and thus more productive.

CMOS Integrated ADC and DAC
Performance definitions of converters are defined in chapter two.

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