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Broadband, Microwave Amplifiers, Building Secure Wireless Networks, CMOS Analog Circuit

Broadband Bringin Home the Bits
The Vision of a popular Internet leads inevitably to thoughts about how people use it in their homes and then to the arresting observation that most people get.

Broadband Microwave Amplifiers Artech House
A complete design cycle is presented, starting with the device characterization and modeling of the active devices, continuing with the modeling and optimization and modeling of the amplifier circuits.

Building Secure Wireless Networks
Wireless connectivity of computing devices is rapidly becoming ubiquitous and soon may be the primary, if not the only, method for many portable devices to connect with computer networks. Wireless LANs provide the easiest way to interconnect computers for both enterprise and SoHo Small Office, Home Office environments.

CMOS Analog Circuit Design
Contents: Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Analog Circuit Analysis Techniques,

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