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Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems, Fingerprint Technology, Circuits and Electronics, WIRELESS NETWORKS, Statistical Signal Processing,

Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems
The book is divided into five parts : General Principles, Target Detection and Tracking, Ground Mapping and Imagery, Principal Applications, Radars of the Future, This book, devoted to airborne and spaceborne radar, avoids a purely theoretical approach and is certainly not intended for an “elite” group of specialists.

Advances in Fingerprint Technology

Is an area in which there have been many new and exciting developments in the past two decades or so, although advances in DNA typing have tended to dominate both the forensic science literature and popular information about advances in forensic sciences.

A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics
This Lab manual has the following objectives : to support, verify, and supplement the theory, to show the relations and differences between theory and practice and to teach measurement techniques.This books is intended for sophomore or junior electrical and computer engineering.

This book aims to bring to the reader a sample of recent research efforts representative of advances in the areas of recognized importance for the future Internet, such as ad hoc networking, mobility support and performance improvements in advanced networks and protocols.

An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
The basic content of this course and of the fundamentals of random processes can be viewed as the analysis of statistical signal processing systems: typically one is given a probabilistic description for one random object, which can be considered as an input signal. An operation is applied to the input signal (signal processing) to produce a new random object, the output signal.

An Introduction to the Theory of Microwave Circuits
In ordinary waveguides, there are no separate conductors between which the voltage can be defined and the concept of power expressed by the product of voltage and current is no longer directly applicable.

Algorithm for Real Time DSP
Contents: Digital signal processing fundaments, Programming Fundamentals, DSP Microprocessors in Embedded System.

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