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Rapid Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits, Real-Time Video Compression, Digital designers, Telecommunication Circuit Design

Radio Frequency Circuit Design
Within this plastic container reside the talents of engineers working in the areas of efficient power supplies, digital circuit design, analog circuit design, semiconductor device design, antennas, linear systems, digital signal processing, packaging, and materials science.

Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits
Analysis and design,It begins with a introduction to frequency bands, RF and microwave devices, and applications in communication, radar, industrial, and biomedical areas.

Real-Time Video Compression
Contents : The Problem of Video Compression, The MPEG Video Compression Standard, Compression Standard for Video Telecommunications, Video Compression Algorithm.

Real Analog solutions for Digital designers
Digital circuitry and software is encroaching into the analog hardware domain. Analog will never disappear at the sensor conditioning circuit, power supply, or layout strategies.

Telecommunication Circuit Design
This book is about telecommunications: the basic concepts, the design of subsystems and the practical realization of the electronic circuits that make up telecommunication systems.


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