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Free Components and System, Operational Amplifiers, Radio Data System, Theory of Communication, Satellite Communication Applications Handbook

Modern Control Technology Components and System
Is a collection of components working together under the direction ofsome machine intelligence.Electronic circuits provide the intelligence,and electromechanical components such as sensors and motors provide the interface to the physical world.include copyingmachines, soft-drink machines, robots, and industrial process controllers. Many of these machines are taking advantage of the increased processing power that comes with the microprocessor and, as a consequence

Operational Amplifiers
Include the substantial technology advances that took place, especially in operational amplifiers with high gain, low input currents and offset voltages, and high speed.

Radio and Electronics Cookbook
Provide a wide variety of radio and electronic projects, from something that will take a few minutes to a more ambitious weekend’s worth.It will lead to hours of enjoyment, some very useful and entertaining gadgets, and increased knowledge of how and why electronics circuits work, and a great sense of satisfaction.

RDS The Radio Data System
Contents : RDS System and Applications Overview,Differences Between RDS and RBDS,RDS Features Serving as Tuning Aids, Radio Programme-Related RDS Features, Additional Information Features, Traffic Information Services, Intelligent Transport Systems and RDS-TMC, Basic and Enhanced Radio Paging, Differential GPS, RDS Encoder Communication Protocols and the UECPRDS Demodulators and Decoders, RDS and Other Broadcast Data Systems for Radio

A Mathematical Theory of Communication By : C.E. Shannon
These semantic aspects of communication are irrelevant to the engineering problem. The significant aspect is that the actual message is one selected from a set of possible messages.

The Complete Wireless Communications Professional
A Guide for Engineers and Managers, Complete wireless professional should know about mobile networks, fixed networks, other types of mobile systems, regulatory and government policy.

The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook
This book provides a comprehensive review of the applications that have driven this growth. It discusses the technical and business aspects of the systems and services that operators and users exploit to make money, serve and protect, and even have fun.

Ultra-Wideband Radio Technology
We explain how to create UWB signals in theory as well as in practice.the history of ultra-wideband. To appreciate any technology, any subject for that matter, one needs to appreciate its history. We can better understand how a technology operates if we can understand how it was developed and on what previous knowledge it is based.

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