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Antenna Array Processing and Electromagnetics
The aim of this book is to gently introduce SVMs in their linear and non linear forms, both as regressors and as classifiers, and to show how they can
be applied to several antenna array processing problems and electromagnetics in general.

Computational Electromagnetics Perfect Matched Layer
A review of the literature on the application of the PML ABC to other numerical techniques of electromagnetics and to other partial differential
equations of physics is provided.

Communications Network Test & Measurement Handbook
This unique handbook provides the only comprehensive coverage of all the methodologies, data, and reference material necessary to master network

Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide
Full coverage of all exam objectives in a systematic approach, so you can be confident you’re getting the instruction you need for the exam, Exam
Essentials, a key feature in each chapter that identifies critical areas you must become proficient in before taking the exam.

Demystifying Chipmaking
The CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) process flow is the focus of the discussion and is covered in ten chapters.A chapter is devoted to
pointing out the differences in other manufacturing methods, such as the gallium arsenide technology that produces chips for cell phones. In addition,
a chapter describing the nature of the semiconductor industry from a business perspective is included.

Electronics Game Design
Covers everything from the fundamentals of game design, to the trade-offs in the development process, to the deals a publisher makes to get a game on
the shelves.

Electronic Games for the Evil Genius
Fundamentals of electronics and circuitry, how to read schematics, solder, use tools, and construct circuits - while you have fun putting making your
own electronic games.

Method in Electromagnetics
Presented for general basis functions. Additional techniques that are presented here allow the modeling of complex structures using a subcell
representation that permits the modeling discrete electromagnetic effects at individual equivalent grid points.

Modern Digital Halftoning
Signal Processing and Communications, The book comes with a CD-ROM of algorithms and statistics with colour examples.

Power Electronics Handbook
Coverage of numerous applications, including uninterruptable power supplies and automotive electrical systems, Power electronics has many applications
in our every day life such as air-conditioners, electric cars, sub-way trains, motor drives, renewable energy sources and power supplies for computers.

Robot Builder’s

With robots. Projects vary in complexity so everyone from novices to advanced hobbyists will find something of interest.30 completely new
projects,Sensors and Navigation.

Solid State Electronic Devices
Semiconductor Device Electronics by Grung– An excellent book with very good coverage of FETs, but a little more advanced than Streetman. Its
explanation of band diagrams and discussion on potential, voltage, electric field, capacitance and their inter-relationships is very intuitive and
clear. Semiconductor Device fundamentals by R. F. Peirret– An excellent book on the fundamentals, especially concepts of band diagrams, but again I
found its coverage of FET devices not as good as that of Streetman. Semiconductor Device Fundamentals

The Mathematical Theory of Nonblocking Switching Networks
The book can serve as either a one- or two-semester textbook for graduate students of information science, (electronic) communications, and applied

The Miracle Of Electricity In The Body

The importance of electricity, whose interruption can bring life to a complete standstill, goes far beyond this. The details set out in this book
constitute just a few examples of His infinite knowledge that we have grown able to comprehend.

The Art of Electronics

Student Manual with Exercises, The manual is a product of many years’ teaching at Harvard University, which has given the authors direct knowledge of
concepts that students find difficult. The extra explanatory detail makes this manual an essential purchase for students using The Art of Electronics.

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius
Introduces readers to robotics, electronics, and programming; so you don’t need to be a science whiz to get started. Shows how you can create simple
robots and models using inexpensive materials

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