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Hardening IEEE wireless networks
WLAN architecture, Security under the WLAN status quo, Threats to WLANs, Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Rudimentary steps for Hardening WLANs, Intermediate steps for Hardening WLANs,Comprehensive steps to hardening WLANS, Other enhancements: VPN and IDS, Roadmap for Hardening, standard which specifies a radio interface and Layer 2 (Link Layer) protocol for data communications in the 2.4 Ghz spectrum.

Handbook On Satellite Communications
Historical background, Definition of satellite services, Fixed-satellite services,Other satellite services, Main components of a communication satellite system, Frequency bands, Basic characteristics of satellite telecommunications, Television/video and audio services, Regulatory considerations and system planning, Characteristics of a satellite link, The basic satellite link, Basic characteristics of an antenna, Antenna effective aperture and gain, Earth coverage and frequency reuse, Antenna radiation diagrams and polarization, Baseband signal processing and multiplexing, Baseband signal processing digital, Video signal compression techniques, Modulation schemes for satellite communications, General description of communication satellites, Management of satellite communication network operations, Antenna system, Radioelectrical design, Low noise amplifiers, Power amplifiers, Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and Outside Broadcasting (OB) via satellite, Interconnection of satellite networks with terrestrial.

Handoff in Wireless Mobile Networks, Location Management in Cellular Networks, Heuristics for Solving Fixed-Channel Assignment Problems, Channel Assignment and Graph Multicoloring, Channel Assignment and Graph Labeling, Wireless Media Access Control, Traffic Integration in Personal, Local, and Geographical Wireless Networks, Fair Scheduling in Wireless Packet Data Networks, Randomized Initialization Protocols for Radio Networks, Leader Election Protocols for Radio Networks, Transport over Wireless Networks, Security and Fraud Detection in Mobile and Wireless Networks, Broadcast Scheduling for TDMA in Wireless Multihop Networks, What Is Broadcast Scheduling?, Dominating-Set-Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, Topological Design, Routing, and Handover in Satellite Networks, Broadcasting in Radio Networks, Mobile IP Protocols, Indoor Wireless Environments, The design of smaller and more powerful devices enabled their mobility, which is rapidly changing the way we compute and communicate. For instance, the worldwide number of cellular phone subscribers has quadrupled in the last five years and has grown to over half a billion

Extra losses caused in high current conductors by skin and proximity effects
Contents: The skin effect, The skin effect in cylindrical conductors, Skin effect in a conductor of rectangular cross-section, Proximity effects,The direct proximity effect, Effective resistance of busbars, Busbars made up of flat bars, Minimal heating, or reduction in the extra losses?, Resistivity of the metal, copper or aluminium?,Skin and proximity effects in the transient state. Electricians have known for a little over a century, since 1873, that alternating currents have a preference for moving at the periphery of solid conductors.

Faults Arcs on Busbar Sets and Switchboards
The probality of appearance of a fault arc on a set of busbars cannot be considered as non existant. The behavior and speed of arcs have been analysed by a high speed photography system. It appears that the damage produced by the arc is inversely proportional ot its freedom of movement. Switchboards manufacturers, contractors and operators must take all possible precautions to reduce the possibility of arcs occuring, and their consequences.

American Electrician's Handbook
Provides the latest developments in circuits and circuit calculations, transformers, wiring tables, lamp applications tables, and more, Complete with the latest updates on National Electrical Code, National Safety Code, and NEMA motor and generator standards

Electronic COrrelation Mapping
From Finite to Extended Systems, Throughout the book the material is analyzed using rather qualitative arguments, and the results of more sophisticated theories serve the purpose of endorsing the suggested physical scenarios. The foundations of some of these theories have been presented in a corresponding volume entitled "Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems". The book starts with a qualitative analysis of the outcome of the two-particle correlation spectroscopy of localized and delocalized electronic systems as they occur in atoms and solids.

Advanced Wireless Communications
This book will supply the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the systems performance, its complexity/reliability and cost-effectiveness. It gives an insight into the impact of existing and new technologies on the receiver structure and provides an understanding of current approaches and evolving directions for personal and indoor communication.Antenna array signal processing with focus on Space-Time receivers for CDMA communications, The wireless community is on the verge of the standardization of fourth generation (4G) systems.

Analog Design Centering and Sizing
The structure of the book is geared towards a combination of a reference book and a textbook. The formulations of tasks and solution approaches by mathematical means makes the book suitable as well for students dealing with analog design and design methodology.This book wants to point out that and how both process and design technology are required for its solution.

Wavelet Transforms
Introduction to Theory & Applications, This book has been written in an easy to read and understand fashion without compromising on the fundamentals. If you wonder what wavelets can do, or what they are, start with this book. Highly recommended for anyone who is starting to learn about wavelets

Computer Analysis of Power Systems
Chapters also cover the electromagnetic transients program, harmonic flow analysis, power system security and optimization analysis. Recent advances in interactive power system analysis and developments in computer graphics are also presented.

Car Stereo Speakers Illustrated

Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Technology and Systems Applications, All those working in photovoltaic development and production will find Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells an indispensable resource.Written by three internationally renowned experts, this valuable reference profits from results and experience gained from research at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.

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