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Rapid eBooks Circuits and Electronics, Analog and Digital, Electrician's Exam, Printed Circuit Board Design, RF System Design, Transmission and Wirele

cONTENTS : Measuring DC voltages and currents, Simple DC circuits resistor, and resistive sensors, Generating, observing time varying signals, Basic Characteristics of OP amps and comparators, Amplifier design using op amps, a sound systems, RC circuits transients, Filters frequency response and tone control, LC circuits, reasonance, and transformer, Diodes and their applications, modulation and radio reception.

Analog and Digital Circuits for Electronics Control System Applications
Using the TI MSP430 Microcontroller, Contents : Signal paths from analog to Digital, Sensors, Signal Conditioning, Digital and Analog Conversions, Digital System Processing, Examples of Assembly Language Programming, Data Communications, System Power and Control, A Microcontroller Application, Ohms Law.

DOE Fundamentals Handbooks Volume 1 to 4
Basic Electrical Theory Table of Contents : The atom, Electrostic force, The Law of Electrostatics, Electrostatic Field, Potential Difference, Free Electrons, Electrical Terminology conductors, Insulators, Resistors, Voltages, Current, Real and Ideal Sources, Units of Electrical Measurements, Methods of Producing Voltage(Electricity, Magnetism, Magnetic Circuits.

Electrical and Electronics Principles and Technology
Contents : Units associated with basic electrical quantities, An introduction to Electric Circuits, Resistance variation, Electromanetism, Electromanetic induction, Electrical measuring instruments and measurements, single phase series and parallel ac circuits, Filter networks, DC transients, DC machines, Chemical effects of electricity, Series and parallel networks, Capacitors and capacitance, Magnetic circuits, semiconductors diodes, Transistor, Further Electrical and Electronics principles, Alternating voltage and currents and etc.

Electrician's Exam Questions and Answers All NEW
Contents : Electrical Symbols, Review Deficitions, Ohm's Law and other Electrical Formulas, Power and Power factor, Lighting, Branch Circuits and Feeders, Transformer Principles and connections, Wiring Design and protection, Wiring methods and Materials, Batteries and Rectification, Voltage Generation, Equipment for General Use, Motors, Motor Controls.

Industrial Electronics
For Engineers, Chemists and Technicians, with optional Lab Experiments, Ohm's Law and Measurements, Resistance in parallel, Bad output voltages, Bad measurements, Bad grounds, Soldering, The Oscilloscope, Capacitors, Inductors, Filters and Resonance, Relays, Semiconductors, Diodes, The Bipolar Transistor, Sine Wave Oscillators, Multivibrators, FETs and Tubes, Radio and Mdulation, Electric Motors, SCRs and Triacs, Photonics, Analog OpAmps ICs, Digital Microprocessor ICs,

Photodetection and Measurement
Photodetection Basics, this book has been described in detail in many other books and publications., Junction Diodes/Photodiodes and Photodetection, Junction Diode Sensitivity and Detection Polarity,

Practical Analog and Digital Filter Design
Introduction to Filters and Filter Design Software, Analog Filter Approximation Functions, Analog Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Bandstop Filters,Analog Filter Implementation Using Active Filters, Introduction to Discrete-Time Systems, Infinite Impulse Response Digital Filter Design, Finite Impulse Response Digital Filter Design, Digital Filter Implementation Using C, Digital Filtering Using the FFT,

Practical RF Printed Circuit Board Design
The ELectrical characteristics of the printed circuits board used to physically mount and connect the circuits components in a high frequency product, PCB Materials, PCB Fabrication Process, PCB Fabrication Limitations,

A Systems Perspective, Contents : Asynchronous circuit design – A tutorial, Speed-independent control circuits, Advanced 4-phase bundled-data protocols and circuits,High-level languages and tools, syntax-directed compilation, Building library components, A simple DMA controller

Principles of Digital Transmission Wiht Wireless Applications
Contents : A mathematical introduction, Basic results from information theory, Waveform transmission over the Gaussian channel, Digital modulation schemes, Intersymbol interference channels, Adaptive receivers and channel equalization, improving the transmission reliability, Convolutional and concatenated codes, Digital transmission over fading channels, useful formulas and approximations.

Principles of Sigma Delta Modulation for Analog to Digital Converters
Table of Contents : Conventional Analog-to-Digital Converters, Quantization Error in A/D Conversion,Oversampling and Decimation Basics, Delta Modulation, Sigma-Delta modulation for A/D Converters, Digital Decimation Filtering, Mode Resolution by Filtering the Comb-Filter.

Programmable Digital Signal Processors Architecture, Programming and Applications
Modern digital video applications, ranging from video compression to content analysis, require both high computation rates and the ability to run a variety of complex algorithms. As a result, many groups have developed programmable architectures tuned for video applications.

Propagation Handbook for Wireless Communication System Design
Contents : Propagation phenomena affecting wireless systems, Propagation fundamentals, Absorption, Refraction, Attenuation by clouds and rain,

Radar System, Peak Detection and Tracking
Contents : Radar Systems,Essential relational functions, Understanding radar fundamentals, Antenna physics and radar, Antenna Arrays, The radar equations, Ionspher and HF Skywave Radar, Peak Detection and Background Theories, Decision theory, Signal peak Detection

Radar Technology Encyclopedia

Radar Principles
Contents : Radar fundamentals, Radar subsystems,Radar indicators and antennas, Radar system maintenance, INTRODUCTION TO RADAR FUNDAMENTALS

Radio Electronics COokbook
Contents : A medium-wave receiver, An audio-frequency amplifier, A medium-wave receiver using a ferrite-rod aerial, A simple electronic organ, Experiments with the NE555 timer, A simple metronome, What is a resistor?, A beat-frequency oscillator, What is a capacitor?, and many more

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