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Electronics eBooks Wireless Network, Optical Communication, Packet BroadBand, Control Systems, Op Amps, Digital Video Hacks

O'Reilly Wireless Networks The Definitive Guide
As a network administrator, architect, or security professional, you need to understand the capabilities, limitations, and risks associated with integrating wireless LAN technology into your current infrastructure.IEEE 802 Network Technology Family Tree

Optical Communications Rules of Thumb - Cables and Conduits
The topics of this chapter range from the sea bed to the home, yet one theme is retained; all of these rules relate to how cables are run, protected, and maintained. COLORED RIBBON CABLES, TEST CABLES AFTER SHIPPING, END-OF-FIBER REFLECTIONSFIBER DENSITYCABLE DEFLECTION, NONMETALLIC CABLE STRENGTH, OPTICAL TIME DELAY REFLECTOMETRY (OTDR)-BASED OPTICAL RETURN LOSS (ORL)

Packet Broadband Network Handbook - Packet Network Foundations
Part I of this book introduces four widely deployed packet network technologies: X.25, frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), and Internet protocol (IP).Network Components, Overview of Link Layer Protocols, The Concept of Virtual Circuit, PVC,Optical Switching Technologies, Electrically Switched Bragg Gratings,Optical Network Configuration,

Observers in Control Systems
Contents : Control Systems and the Role of Observers, Control-System Background, Review of the Frequency Domain, 4 The Luenberger Observer: Correcting Sensor Problems, European Symbols for Block Diagrams

Optical Through-the-Air Communications Handbook
Contents : Wide Area Light Transmitters, Wide Area Information Broadcasting, Light Collimator, Multiple Light Sources for Extended Range, Pulsed Light Emitter, OPTICAL TRANSMITTER CIRCUITS, Audio Amplifier with Filter, Voltage to Frequency Converter,Other Receiver Circuits, Frequency to Voltage Converters,Modulation Frequency Filters, Audio Power Amplifiers, Light Receiver Noise Considerations, Signal Pulse Discriminators,Transimpedance Amplifier Detector Circuit with Limited Q,Transimpedance Amplifier Detector Circuit With Inductor Feedback, Transimpedance Amplifier Detector Circuit With Resistor Feedback, Stray Light Filters, Current to Voltage Converter Circuits, High Impedance Detector Circuit,Light Collector, Light Detector, Make Your Own Optical Low Pass Filter, Inverse Square Law, Multiple Lenses, Multiple Sources, Optical Filters, Divergence Angle, Light Collimators and Collectors, LIGHT PROCESSING

Op Amps For Everyone
Everyone interested in analog electronics should find some value in this book, and an effort has been made to make the material understandable to the relative novice while not too boring for the practicing engineer. The Op Amp’s Place In The World, Review of Circuit Theory, Development of the Ideal Op Amp Equations, Single Supply Op Amp Design Techniques, Feedback and Stability Theory, Development of the Non Ideal Op Amp Equations, Voltage-Feedback Op Amp Compensation, Current-Feedback Op Amp Analysis, Voltage- and Current-Feedback Op Amp Comparison, Op Amp Noise Theory and Applications, Understanding Op Amp Parameters, Instrumentation: Sensors to A/D Converters, Wireless Communication: Signal Conditioning for IF Sampling, Interfacing D/A Converters to Loads, Sine Wave Oscillators, Active Filter Design Techniques, Circuit Board Layout Techniques,

Optimal Sampled-Data Control Systems
This books is intended as a graduate text in linear sampled data control systems. The Subject of SD control is a subdomain of digital control, it deals with sampled signals and their dicrete time processing.

Optical Communications Essential
Basic concepts of Communication Systems, Signals are electromagnetic waves (in encoded electrical or optical formats) used to transport the data over a physical medium.Analog Signal Formats, Digital Signal Formats, Digitization of Analog Signals, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Telecommunication spectral band, Optical communications band,Transmission Channels, Carrier waves, Signal Multiplexing,

Digital Video Hacks
Successfully Complete a Project, Keep Your Project Organized, Number Your Tapes, Create a Digital Storyboard, Build Your Own Apple Box, Build Your Own Blue Screen, Compile a Cheap Lighting Kit, Use Paper Lamps for Lighting, Reflect Light from a Shade, Mobile Audio Booth, Make Your Audio Sound Better, Wrangle Your Music and Sound Library.

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