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Free Electrical and Electronics eBooks Part 10

Electrical Engineer's Reference Book
An essential source of techniques, data and principles for all practising electrical engineers, Written by an international team of experts from engineering companies and universities, Includes a major new section on control systems, PLCs and microprocessors

Everyday Practical Electronics
Hobby electronics and computer projects magazine for electronics constructors everywhere

Nanotechnology for Microelectronics and Optoelectronics

Explains the behavioural changes which occur in solids at the nanoscale, making them the basis of a new generation of electronic devices.

Robot Builder's Cookbook
Build and Design Your Own Robots, this book a unique and exciting source of projects, ideas and techniques, to be combined into a wide range of fascinating robots.

Energy Storage for Power Systems

This is by far the best technical text book I have even owned. I have had the opportunity to read many books and this rates first on my list.

Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
Assumes only minimum knowledge of mathematics and electronics., Concise and written in a straightforward and accessible style., Packed with worked examples, exercises and self-assesment questions.

Future Trends in Microelectronics

In this book leading profesionals in the semiconductor microelectronics field discuss the future evolution of their profession.

Providing in-depth tips on how to make better decisions, change cost structures to support quick growth and changes, how to sell overseas into new markets, and much more.

Short Circuits in Power Systems
The author incorporates his many years of experience in the design and planning of such electrical systems at Siemens, among others.

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