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Electronics eBooks Modern Control, Microwave and RF Circuits, Digital and Signal, Mobile COmmunications

Modern Control Technology
Components and System, Introduction to Control System, Introduction to Microprocessor Base Control, Operating Amplifiers and Signal Conditioning, Switches, Relays and Power control Semiconductors, Mechanical System, Sensors, Direct Current Motors, Stepper Motors, Alternating Current Motors, Actuator, Electric Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Feedback Control Principles, Relays Logics, PLCs and Motion Controllers.

Nonlinear Microwave and Rf Circuits

Noise in Recieving Systems

Nano CMOS Circuits and Physical Design

Outlines of Digital Signal Processing

TDD-CDMA for Wireless Communications
Mobile Radio Communications, TDD Transmission, Power Control in TDD-CDMA Systems, Pre-Rake Diversity Combining, System Capacity in TDD-CDMA Systems

Lumped Elements

Optical Signal Processing

Modern Communication Circuits

Multivariable Control Systems

Next Generation Mobile Systems

Mobile Communications Series
Overview of Wireless Information Systems, The Cellular Concept, Frequency Reuse, Types of Cellular Networks, Millimeter Waves, Wireless Channel Characterization and Coding, Transmission Systems in an Interference Environment, Analog Transmission, Types of Interference, Digital Signals, Signal and Spectra in Wireless Communications

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