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An Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering
Offers you a current understanding of this cutting-edge technology. You gain practical knowledge of MEMS materials, design, and manufacturing, and learn how it is being applied in industrial, optical, medical and electronic markets.

Design of Distillation Column Control Systems
Level Control and Feedforward Options, Control of Sidestream Drawoff Columns, Miscellaneous Measurements and Controls, Quantitative Design of Distillation Control Systems

Introduction to Robotics
Covers rigid-body transformations, forward and inverse positional kinematics, velocities and Jacobians of linkages, dynamics, linear control, non-linear control, force control methodologies, mechanical design aspects and programming of robots

Multivariable Computer-Controlled Systems
Divided into three parts: Preliminary algebraic material describing the established fundamentals of polynomial and rational matrices necessary for the understanding of later chapters. Control problems, important in their own right but which also have a substantial bearing on what follows (eigenvalue assignment and the use of z- and zeta-transforms in discrete systems).

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Is a landmark work that is both your portal to that world and your roadmap through its intricacies

Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation
Evolves and improves, so does "Mobile Robots" with the release of the second edition. The newest edition covers new ground such as new detectors and research available since the release of the first edition.

Nonlinear H2/H8 Constrained Feedback Control
Will be of major importance to control systems designers working in industrial, automotive, robotic, military and chemical process systems. Design and simulation case studies are given and the design of nonlinear control systems of the same caliber as those obtained in recent years using linear optimal and bounded-norm designs based on the Riccati equation is explained together with feedback control systems of guaranteed high performance that can be implemented directly as a nonlinear network structure.

PIC Robotics
A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro

Robust Control Design with MATLAB® (Advanced Textbooks in Control and Signal Processing
Helps you learn how to use well-developed advanced robust control design methods in practical cases. To this end,\ several realistic control design examples ranging from teaching-laboratory experiments, such as a mass–damper–spring assembly, to complex systems like a flexible link manipulator are given detailed presentation.

Robust Control in Power Systems
The overview of linear system theory from the perspective of power system control is explained through examples. The damping control design is formulated as norm optimization problem. The H_infinity, H2 norm of properly defined transfer functions are minimized in linear matrix inequalities (LMI) framework to obtain desired performance and stability robustness. Both centralized and decentralized control structures are used.

Robust Control of Time-delay Systems
Covers the whole range of robust control of time-delay systems: from controller parameterization and design to controller implementation; from the Nehari and one-block problems to the four-block problem; from theoretical developments to practical issues.

Windup in Control
The methods laid out in this survey also integrate solutions for applications with rate-constrained actuators and for bumpless transfer from manual to automatic during system start-up or in override control.

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