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Amazing Projects You Can Build in Under an Hour
The perfect opportunity to combine his interest in IT and robotics with his passion for LEGO bricks. , Mario has been an active member of the online MINDSTORMS community from the beginning and has pushed LEGO robotics to its limits. Mario holds a , bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Turin and has always nourished a strong interest for physics, mathematics, and computer science. tml

Building Advanced Robots
This book offers to anyone involved with Lego Mindstorms are complete, well illustrated assembly instructions, detailed commentary by , the authors with additional tips to aid in the construction, explanations of where the inspirations for the creation came from with historical references, web , site listings for additional information and a e-book CD-ROM with program files. Many of the authors have active web sites of their own and are available to ,generously help people stuck during construction.

With the addition of more than 1000 new definitions, the second edition expands its coverage to reflect areas of growing interest, including greater attention to fiberoptic networking and to UNIX.

Creating Relationships with Computers and Robots
This breadth of topics covered in Socially Intelligent Agents , provides the reader with a comprehensive look at current research activities in the area. Socially Intelligent Agents serves as an excellent reference for a wide readership, e.g. computer scientists, roboticists, web programmers and designers, computer users, cognitive scientists r.html
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Dynamics of Electromechanical and Piezoelectric Systems
This book will appeal to the research community and graduate students at the MSc and PhD level

Micro Electro Mechanical System Design
This book looks at the entire process that a MEMS design engineer must consider in order to make informed technical decisions.

PDA Robotics
Allow any PDA to communicate with and control your robot,Establish a wireless RF link between your PDA and robot,Acquire low-cost, standard, and easily obtainable components, Learn about special software, control circuits, and interface ideas for creating artificial life forms.

Tab Electronics
Fully illustrated plans for 11 complete Robots, as well as all-new coverage of Robotix-based Robots, Lego Technic-based Robots, Functionoids with Lego Mindstorms, and Location and Motorized Systems with Servo Motors.

Space Time Coding
Ultra Wide Band Radio, UWB multiple access in Gaussian channels, the UWB channel, UWB system with M-ary modulation, M-ary PPM UWB multiple access, coded UWB schemes, multi-user detection in UWB radio, UWB with space time processing and beam forming for UWB radio.

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