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Free Electrical eBooks - ICC Electrical Code, Control of Induction Motors etc.

2003 ICC Electrical Code
Necessary to administer and enforce the National Electrical Code® and complies with electrical provisions contained in the other 2003 International Codes.

Control of Induction Motors

The content of this book is divided into three basic parts: 1) control-oriented description of induction motors, 2) control methods, and systems, 3) control means. An induction motor is presented as an electromechanical power converter, and basic relations between the electrical, magnetic and mechanical quantities in the motor will be explained.

Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
A collection of papers presented at the last Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE) Conference, held in Capo dOrlando, Sicily, in 2004.
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Telecommunications Network Modelling, Planning and Design

Topics covered include network planning for transmission systems, modelling of SDH transport network structures and telecommunications network design and performance modelling, as well as network costs and ROI modelling and QoS in 3G networks.

The Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook

Electrical Safety in Flammable Gas/Vapor Laden Atmospheres
Provides comprehensive coverage of electrical system installation within areas where flammable gases and liquids are handled and processed.

Electrical Estimator's Manual

How to Estimate Electrical Construction Projects, managing and estimating electrical projects, the author has compiled literally thousands of installation labor rates used in everyday estimating procedures in theis easy-to-use manual.

Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin
Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering, The author divides the process into the stages of monitoring the defect origin, identification of the defect and its stages, and control of the defect. The significance of this work is also connected to the possibility.

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